The Ultimate Swiss Made Rubber Strap for Rolex

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There are many ways to change up your Rolex watch configuration. Swapping out the Oyster bracelet for a nylon NATO strap or leather watchband has been a common practice since the days that Roger Moore played James Bond. Most recently, though, innovations in luxury watchmaking have brought a new material into the fold. Vulcanized rubber straps offer comfort and versatility that is unmatched compared to watchbands made from other materials. Rolex has gotten in on the action, now offering Yacht-Master and Daytona models on their Oysterflex elastomer bracelet

Rubber B Couture Series Strap for Rolex Daytona (photo:
Vulcanization is the process of converting pure rubber into a more durable material with the addition of sulfides to form bridges between individual polymer chains. This allows manufacturers to manipulate the material for different uses, in this case to create watchbands. One of the benefits of this durable material is its resistance to tears, fading and deformation. The process is monitored by the FDA so that all products using vulcanized rubber are nontoxic and hypoallergenic.

In 2010, Rubber B became the first company to manufacture vulcanized rubber straps designed for Rolex watch models. The American company is still the leader of this industry and the only one that manufactures 100% of its straps in Switzerland. Dealers across Asia, America, Africa and Europe carry their straps, which are also available for purchase directly through their e-boutique. Another thing that sets them apart from other rubber strap manufacturers is the amount of wristwatch models they offer micro-calibrated straps for, with a variety of styles and closure options available for each individual model.

The process of micro-calibration ensures that each strap fits the watch it is designed for precisely, without any gaps or motion between the strap and the watch case. The strap fills the width between the lugs and also the height of the case, achieving full integration with a rubber strap configuration. In terms of closures, Rubber B offers three options for most Rolex models. The straps from their Classic Series incorporate the Rolex deployant clasp, their tang buckle straps come with a 316l stainless steel buckle and the straps from their latest series feature a Velcro closure.

Rubber B Strap for Rolex Deepsea with Deployant Clasp (photo:
The Rolex Deepsea above is fitted with their Classic Series strap in black. One of the advantages of this closure option is that you can still use the Glidelock Extension System that comes on the Deepsea's Oysterlock clasp. It comes in various sizes based on the amount of links on your Oyster bracelet. This option is ideal for anyone that uses the extension for diving and is looking for a perfect fit. The incorporation of the deployant clasp also adds an element of comfort and customization to this strap.

Rubber B Tang Buckle Strap for Rolex Deepsea (photo:
The photo above shows the Deepsea fitted with a VulChromatic strap from the Tang Buckle Series. The VulChromatic collection features a colored stripe down the black strap that is precision-molded onto the host rubber without glues or bonding. The blue design element picks up the color of the gradient dial on the D-Blue Deepsea configuration. They also offer one with a lime green stripe that picks up the green lettering of the model name on the D-Blue. This series of straps comes in a universal fit for wrist sizes ranging from 5.5 - 8.25 inches. They also come in several solid colors, like Arctic White, Pacific Blue, Red Devil and Mandarin Orange.

Rubber B Velcro Strap for Rolex Submariner (photo:
Their latest innovation is a Velcro closure option, shown above on the Submariner. They are hand-sewn with Gore-Tenara stitching, a material that offers resistance to UV rays and invasive elements of daily wear. A titanium insert lines the attachment loop to secure the closure. This option comes in various sizes, with a sizing guide to find the right size for your wrist on their website. These straps have the same luxury aesthetic as the other straps, but with the comfort and ease of a velcro closure. They are currently available for most of Rolex's professional models.

The video embedded above shows their strap for the Rolex Sky-Dweller. It incorporates the deployant clasp and features a combination of black and red that compliments the model's aesthetic. The design of Rubber B straps is another aspect that makes them industry leaders when it comes to high-end vulcanized rubber straps. Their collections are curated based on the design of each wristwatch model, with an attention to detail that is on par with that of the top luxury watchmakers in Europe.

Rubber B straps are the choice of celebrities like Eric Clapton and athletes that spend time wearing their wristwatches outdoors and underwater. Professional reviews of their straps can be found on prominent horology blogs, including Jake's Rolex World, A Blog to Watch and Minus 4 Plus 6. Customers often post about their experiences with their straps on Rolex Forums and the company's Facebook Page.

In addition to the models shown above, they offer straps for the stainless steel Daytona 116500LN and other popular Rolex watches, including midsize models like the 34mm Datejust. They have a line for Tudor watches that is coming soon, plus straps for Panerai and Patek Philippe that are available now. They also have a line of leather straps that are fused onto a rubber base and designed to fit any watch based on lug spacing. Visit to browse their entire collection.



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