Vintage Rolex GMT-Master Reference 1675

9:23 AM

Rolex GMT-Master (Reference # 1675) (photo: Phillips)
The GMT-Master, the predecessor to the GMT-Master II, is a beloved model amongst Rolex enthusiasts. The vintage 1675 reference shown in the photo above dates back to 1964 and has a few rare features that makes it highly valuable to fans of the model. Fitted with a D83761 movement with its original stainless steel jubilee bracelet and a bezel that has turned light blue and orange over the years.

One of the characteristics of this model that stands out is the pointed shape of the crown guards, referred to as 'El Cornino' by watch collectors. This particular 1675 retains their pointed shape, which is unique considering its age. It also features a lacquered black dial with gilt graphics and a small-tipped 24-hour hand. The hour markers and hands have aged, giving them a cream color that pairs charmingly with the aged bezel.

This piece went for approximately $25,790 US at a Phillips auction in Hong Kong. For more information, visit


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