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Sophia Vergara Shopping for Rolex: Image by DailyMail
Sophia Vergara is one of the most iconic celebrities in the world. Currently 46, the Columbian actress, Vergara is on top of her game, currently staring in the ABC series Modern Family.  She has been in a number of movies, and has appeared in Diet Pepsi, State Farm, Comcast, and Rooms To Go commercials and became the face of CoverGirl in 2011.

Early on her fame rose as she co-hosted two Spanish-speaking television shows for Univision in the 1990's.  She is known for her sense of humor in addition to her style and beauty.
Image by Daily Mail.  

Daily Mail, caught Vergara as she was shopping for Rolex Timepieces in Beverly Hills California.  Of course, Vergara must have fantastic taste to invest in Rolex.  Since she is so busy, not only as a famous actress and model, but also as a mother and wife, I have decided to assist her with her shopping.  I have selected several timepieces that I think she could use to complement her style and beauty.

For the first Rolex, I would recommend this beautiful Chocolate dial Datejust.  It utilizes diamond studs for each of the hour markers.  The gemology used in this fantastic timepiece is illustrated by the diamond gems that are expertly selected and placed around the bezel.  One of the key pieces of this timepiece that truly fits Vergara's style is the Everose gold utilized on the Oyster case and band.  It truly fits her naturally dark skintone and yet is fashionable enough to complement both her high scale fashion and even casual style such as a pair of jeans.  

Since Sophia Vergara has lived in Miami and Hollywood, California - both cities that rest on large oceans where Yachting is a natural part of the culture, I have decided to offer two recommendations. Both recommendations are Yacht-Master models.  The difference is in the coloring.  The first is a black dial and bezel Yacht-Master, with a comfortable black rubber band.  This timepiece is stylish and can match Vergara's little black dress and many other outfits without becoming too distracting.  

In addition, I recommend a more casual appeal of the steel and platinum Yacht-Master.  It has a dark rhodium dial and a bright blue seconds hand.  This timepiece would look splendid with nearly any outfit and can be either casual or a dress watch with ease.  All three recommendations have new in-house calibres developed by Rolex which have a larger time reserve - 55 hours - than previous models.  Since Vergara is a mother and has a very active lifestyle, worrying about winding a timepiece should be farthest from her mind.  So, for this reason, I have refrained from suggesting vintage models of Rolex and opted for the latest and newest timepieces.  Whichever timepiece Vergara chooses, I know she will wear it well.  

Seiko SKX007K2 vs the Rolex Submariner

The Seiko SKX007K2 has made a real name for itself, as one of the best priced dive watches on the market.  If you look at it you will find that it even looks like a Rolex Submariner Date.  There are some differences, but at first glance you might not even notice the differences since the look, feel and even the design of the case pays close homage to the well recognized Rolex Submariner.  At just over $200 the Seiko seems like a bargain compared to the nearly $8,000 Rolex Sub.  However, there is a reason the Rolex goes for a much higher amount. 

Below is the Rolex Submariner.  Both have the black dial and 60 minute bezel.  Both use luminescent coloring for the hour markers.  The hour markers on the Seiko are a bit larger.  They use curved edges on the 9 o'clock and 6 o'clock markers rather than a rectangle hour marker. 

The date window for the Rolex uses the Cyclops lens.  The Seiko has both the day and day next to each other.  I do love this feature, but the Rolex has a much larger Date window and is much more legible.  However, the Seiko does provide a luminescent dot next to the date to indicate the 3 o'clock position.  However, it is oddly placed above the date and seems out of place.  Rolex opted to leave that hour marker hidden since the date window would not allow a symmetrical marker.  For purists, Rolex does offer a no-date Submariner option as well.
The seconds markers on the Submariner only appear between the 0 and 15 minute marks as opposed to the entire bezel of the timepiece on the Seiko.  Both timepieces use black for the bezel and dial.

The Rolex has some exceptional features that separate it from the Seiko.  First of all, the scratch resistant Sapphire crystal is a huge difference.  Over time, the Seiko will show some wear and tear.  The band is a 3 link band as opposed to the Seiko 5 link.  Many Seiko owners swap the band with other 22 mm bands.  Or, for those with a smaller wrist, the Seiko SKX013k2 is a 38 mm (as opposed to 42 mm for the 007) watch.  The 013 uses a 20 mm band.
The Rolex also uses 904L steel.  The band seems more solid with less gaps in between.  Yet, the 904L steel is far stronger and resistant than the standard steel used in the Seiko.  The Seiko supports a 200 meter dive depth, but the Rolex is far more robust at 300 meters.  The winding crown on the rolex is supported by thick protectors as opposed to the more narrow protectors on the Seiko.  The winding crown for the Seiko is also off center which may be an oddity for some standard timepiece owners.  

The most important feature that Rolex brings to the table is an in-house caliber that is officially certified.  Certainly there is no question that the Seiko is a quality entry into the dive watch arena and would make a good first watch if you can't spring for the Submariner just yet.  However, the wear and tear on the Seiko will not leave much in terms of longevity for the timepiece.  It is less likely to become an heirloom that one could hand down through the generations.  It is a great looking tool watch and can fit anyone's budget.  However, the Rolex would be the greater long-term investment.

How do you Find the Serial Number on Your Rolex Timepiece?

There are several reasons you might want to know the serial number on your Rolex Timepiece.  First, you might just want to know the exact model and manufacturing date of your Rolex investment for your insurance statement to protect yourself against loss or theft.  Perhaps if you need to send your timepiece in for service or modding, the Rolex vendor will want to know what they will be working on, in order to determine price.

Another and more specific reason is to determine the market value of your timepiece, either because you want to know its current approximate worth, or if you are considering selling.  Perhaps you want to upgrade to a different or newer model. 

Maybe when you were first starting out, you invested in a low cost Explorer I, which was in all steel. 

Not bad, but later on and many career advancements down the line you are ready to own your yellow gold Presidents Day Date or a hard to get Rolex Daytona.
Rolex Serial number engraved between the lugs.  Image from Bob's Watches.

The Rolex serial numbers are numbers with 4-8 digits and can be used to determine the date the timepiece was produced.  For many years the number was engraved between the lugs (the part/poles where the band attaches to the case) at the 6 o'clock position.  In order to find the serial number you would have to remove the watch band in the 6 o'clock position to see the engraving.  You may need a pin or a set of tools to remove the watch band carefully and return the band to working shape.  
Rolex engraves the serial number on the Flange at the 6 o'clock position on this Rolex Daytona.  Image from Bob's Watches

However, in 2005 Rolex started engraving the serial number on some of their timepieces on the flange or "Rehaut" (French word for flange) which is the piece between the dial and the crystal.  Typically you see ROLEX repeated around the flange, but at the 6 o'clock position you will see the serial.  In 2008, Rolex started to make all Serial number engravings on the flange and discontinued the practice of engraving between the lugs. 

For more information, check out the article at Bob's Watches which gives you more detail about how to interpret your serial engravings. 

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