Watch Gang Membership Service Giving Away a Rolex Every Week

Watch Gang Membership Service (photo: Watch Gang)
Watch Gang is a membership service based in Los Angeles, California, that sends its subscribers a new watch once a month. A relatively new venture, beginning in September of 2016, the company has created a network of watch collectors that includes celebrities like Jamie Foxx and a Facebook group that has reached over 10,000 members.

The service offers three tiers of membership, varying in price and wristwatch value. Starting at $25 per month, you can become a Watch Gang Watch of the Month Member and receive a microbrand wristwatch with a Japanese movement in stainless steel and leather valued between $50 and $150. Starting at $91 per month, you can become a Watch Gang Black member and receive a premium microbrand watch with a mechanical or Swiss quartz movement valued between $150 and $500. The highest tier of membership is the Platinum level, starting at $275 per month for watches from well known brands and microbrands worth between $500 and $1500.

In a weekly giveaway sponsored by Beckertime, the company gives away a Rolex to a randomly selected member every Friday. This is advantageous for those who aren’t at an income level that justifies a Rolex purchase yet, but it also removes one of the most important aspects of collecting watches: the curation of your own collection. There is a network for members to trade watches with, but the idea of creating a watch collection based on random selection goes against the grain of what it means to be a watch geek.

Visit to learn more about their service. The company has just announced that it will partner with a new watch brand every month. While their service may not satisfy a hardcore watch geek, it is a good way to make a minimal investment in watches and have a new wristwatch every month to show for it. If you’re lucky, it could even be a Rolex.

White Gold Rolex Submariner Prototype Becomes World's Most Expensive Sub

White Gold Rolex Submariner Prototype (photo" Christie's)
The Rolex Afternoon portion of Christie’s latest watch auction took place in Geneva, Switzerland just hours ago and produced sales records for their collection of vintage Rolex timepieces. One of their record breaking watches was the White Gold Rolex Submariner Prototype from the 1970s. This unique dive watch stood out for its bezel, material and condition.

The rarity of this prototype certainly played a role in helping it earn the auction house over 631,500 Swiss francs, the second highest Rolex sale this afternoon behind the Green Khanjar Daytona Reference 6263 that brought in 727,500 Swiss francs. The biggest wristwatch sale of the auction was a Patek Philippe Haile Selassie Reference 2497, which went for 2,911,500 Swiss francs, more than triple its estimated value.

Hodinkee covered the auction results in their latest blog post, commenting on the strange circumstance of this and other rare Rolex models bringing in record amounts this weekend. This Prototype model certainly deviates from what watch enthusiasts would consider the most classic staples of the Submariner model. But it seems that collectors are beginning to favor these deviations over adherence to brand standards.

There are many examples of unique vintage Rolex watches that look nothing like contemporary Rolex model configurations. In a previous post, I presented five of the rarest Rolex models in the world, none of which look like their popular counterparts. Many of them, like the White Gold Prototype, never even went into production. However, the results of recent vintage watch auctions like Christie’s A Rolex Afternoon prove that scarcity and singularity are the ultimate luxury.

White Gold Rolex Submariner Prototype Reference 1680

Rolex’s Submariner model has remained relatively unchanged over the years since its introduction, making prototype models like the Reference 1680 stand out amongst other vintage Subs. The White Gold Prototype below is one of three manufactured by the watchmaker in the early 1970s. It is up for auction this Monday, May 15th at Christie’s Rare Watches and a Rolex Afternoon in Geneva, just one day after the Phillip’s auction taking place over the weekend.
White Gold Submariner Prototype From the Early 1970s (photo: Christie's)
This reference was the first Submariner to be produced in a precious metal and the first to feature a date function. However, it was only offered in yellow gold and stainless steel, making this prototype even more rare. This lot features a blue dial that is known as a ‘nipple dial’ because of the shape of the hour markers. Its graduated bezel is unique in that it is only serrated in two places, with the rest of the bezel smooth.
White Gold Rolex Submariner Prototype Reference 1680 (photo: Christie's)
The white gold Oyster case of this Submariner measures 40mm in diameter and houses an automatic 1570 movement with 26 jewels. It is fitted with an 18k white gold President bracelet, adding to the sophistication of this vintage timepiece. An interesting element of this particular watch is that it has no serial number as it was not manufactured for sale. Its uniqueness comes at a price, with the estimate for this lot set between $250,000 to $500,000 US.

Visit to check out all of the vintage watches that will be available during the Rolex Afternoon portion of their Geneva auction. Check out the Rolex Models section for info on other vintage Rolex watches.

Rolex Reference 6241 John Player Special Paul Newman Daytona

Phillip's Geneva Watch Auction: Five will take place this weekend in Switzerland, allowing vintage watch collectors the chance to bid on rare luxury timepieces, like the Rolex Reference 6241. An ultra-rare Cosmograph Daytona, this 14K yellow gold Paul Newman was retailed by Tiffany & Co. in the US and bares the name of the retailer on the dial, below the word Cosmograph. The legacy of this timepiece also includes that of cigarette manufacturer and Formula One sponsor John Player & Sons.
Rolex Reference 6241 John Player Special Paul Newman Daytona
In 1972, John Player & Sons sponsored the Lotus Formula One team and the company’s colors, black and gold, were featured on the automobile along with the its logo. The race car became iconic and its name has become tied to the Reference 6241, which was produced years earlier in the late 1960s.

Less than 300 of this reference were released, most cased in 18k yellow gold. The 14k gold version is even more rare, adding to the value of the current lot. It is estimated to go for anywhere between $396,000 to $793,000 US at auction due to the remarkable condition it is in. The black dial features design elements that are unique to Paul Newman Daytonas from the era. The subtle yet prominent addition of the Tiffany & Co. to this already storied watch only adds to its prestige.

Rolex Reference 6241 John Player Special Paul Newman Daytona Side View
The case of this John Player Special Paul Newman measures 37.5mm in diameter and houses a manual Calibre 722-1 movement with 17 jewels. It is equipped with a black leather strap that features a 14k yellow gold Rolex buckle. For more information on this and every other Rolex being auctioned by Phillips in Geneva this weekend, visit


Rolex Adds User Guides to Their Official Website

2017 Rolex Sky-Dweller User Guide (photo: Rolex)
Rolex isn't a brand that is known for overly complicated watches. They have only a few models that require some know-how to set the different functions and for those models they have added a User Guides section to their official website. If you own a Yacht-Master II, Sky-Dweller or the new Cellini Moonphase, you may benefit from checking it out.

The animated guides bring the user manual to life, with step-by-step instructions to walk you through the different settings. The Sky-Dweller presents the most complications, with setting instructions for the Reference Time, Local Time and Month and Date. The guide also lets the Cellini Moonphase owner know the correct position of the moon and how to get their timepiece to display it properly. Setting instructions for the Yacht-Master II's Regatta Timer are also presented for before and after the Regatta begins.

The User Guides section appears after the watchmaker has made several adjustments to their website. The latest updates seem to favor Rolex watch owners and potential customers. They added pricing to many of their more modestly-priced configurations just before Baselworld 2017 and have also been adding content tailored toward women, like the recent Every Rolex Tells a Story entry by Sylvia Earle. Although they do not sell timepieces through e-commerce on the site, it is the watchmaker's direct link to their target market.

Visit to check out the latest updates and links to their social media accounts. While you are not able to order a wristwatch directly from them, they do have a store locator function that will guide you to the nearest Authorized Dealer. There is also information on where to service your Rolex and how to maintain it when it's at home.


Yellow Gold Rolex Reference 6098 Honeycomb Star Dial

Yellow Gold Rolex Reference 6098 Honeycomb Star Dial
Only eight examples of the yellow gold Rolex Reference 6098 shown above with a silvered honeycomb star dial are known to exist. Introduced in the 1950s, this simple dress watch does nothing but display the time on an elegant dial decorated with star and dagger hour markers. This timepiece will be up for auction at Christie's Rare Watches and a Rolex Afternoon auction to be held on May 15th in Geneva, Switzerland.

The rarity of the star indexes is bolstered by a double-signed case back and copper-colored gilt movement that add to the uniqueness of this vintage Rolex. The Calibre A 260 10 1/2 automatic movement features 25 jewels. The Oyster case measures 35mm in diameter and the overall bracelet length is 190mm. It is fitted with an 18k gold Jubilee bracelet and deployant clasp stamped 4/51 or 57. The estimate for this lot is between $80,000 to $120,000 US.

Yellow Gold Rolex Reference 6098 Black Lacquered Star Dial
A Reference 6098 was part of a previous Christie's auction, shown above with a black lacquered dial and leather strap. The estimate for this lot was between $110,000 and $160,000, slightly more than the current lot due to its rarity and condition. The star indexes seen on these models are more commonly associated with the "Stelline" Rolex Reference 6062, which features a full calendar and moon phases. The Honeycomb Silvered Star Dial 6098 is the only vintage Rolex model with star indexes that is part of this upcoming auction.

For more information on this reference and the other timepieces that will be up for auction during the Rolex Afternoon portion of the Christie's auction in Geneva this month, visit

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