Rolex Datejust 41 Introduced in White Rolesor at Baselworld 2017

2017 White Rolesor Rolex Datejust 41 (photo: Rolex)
The Datejust 41 is the largest of the collection and Rolex has been rolling out different configurations in this size over the past couple years. Last year they introduced yellow and Everose Rolesor versions and at Baselworld 2017 they introduced the white Rolesor version shown above. It features a blue dial with luminescent baton-style hour markers.

The new Calibre 3235 powers the DJ41, with technology covered by 14 patents. It has a power reserve of 70 hours and features Rolex innovations like the Chronergy escapement. Its oscillator provides a frequency of 28,800 beats per hour. With 31 rubies, four Microstella nuts and a high performance Paraflex shock absorber, it offers a precision of -2/+2 seconds per day. 

The white Rolesor configuration with blue sunray dial on Oyster bracelet (Reference # 126334) is priced at $8,900 USD. It is also available in a variety of dial and material combinations, with an Oyster or Jubilee bracelet. Visit to browse their entire collection of Datejust 41 models. Check out the Rolex Models section of this website to see all of the model configurations introduced by Rolex at Baselworld 2017. 

2017 Rolex Sky-Dweller Price Guide

With the release of the new 2017 Rolex model configurations at Baselworld 2017, the watchmaker has also released their suggested retail pricing guide. I have added the retail price for every 2017 Sky-Dweller configuration in USD below.

Pricing for Every 2017 Rolex Sky-Dweller Model Configuration

Reference Number
Price USD
White Rolesor Sky-Dweller Oyster Bracelet
Yellow Rolesor Sky-Dweller Oyster Bracelet
Yellow Gold Sky-Dweller Leather Bracelet
Yellow Gold Sky-Dweller Oyster Bracelet
White Gold Sky-Dweller Leather Bracelet
White Gold Sky-Dweller Oyster Bracelet
Everose Gold Sky-Dweller Leather Bracelet
Everose Gold Sky-Dweller Oyster Bracelet

For details on the Sky-Dweller model, including the new two-tone versions, click here or visit the Rolex Models page. 

Stainless Steel Rolex Sky-Dweller Configurations Introduced at Baselworld 2017

The Sky-Dweller model was introduced by Rolex at Baselworld 2012, available only in precious metal configurations on leather straps or gold Oyster bracelets. At this year's event, Rolex introduced a new batch of Sky-Dweller configurations that includes two-tone stainless steel versions. The 2017 models also feature varied dial colors with baton-style hour markers and improved luminescence.

2017 White Rolesor Rolex Sky-Dweller with Blue Dial

2017 White Rolesor Rolex Sky-Dweller (photo: Rolex) 
The white gold and stainless steel configuration (Reference # 326934) is the most affordable Sky-Dweller model, priced at 13,700 Swiss francs. The combination of white Rolesor and blue dials was a trend in the Rolex stand at Baselworld 2017, with Datejust models also featuring the color combo. The off-center disc of the new versions are colored the same as the dial, giving it a more uniform look. The dial is also available in white or black.

2017 Yellow Rolesor Rolex Sky-Dweller with Champagne Dial

2017 Yellow Gold Rolesor Rolex Sky-Dweller (photo: Rolex)
The yellow Rolesor Sky-Dweller (Reference # 326933) features a champagne-colored dial, also available in white or black, with a suggested retail price of 16,300 Swiss francs. This configuration combines the classical elements of the Rolex Datejust with functionality like the Saros calendar and 24-hour reference time. It is also still available in white, yellow and Everose gold on either an Oyster bracelet or leather watch strap.

For more information on the 2017 Sky-Dweller, visit To check out all of the latest model configurations introduced by the watchmaker at Baselworld 2017, click here.


2017 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona on Oysterflex Bracelet

At Baselworld 2017, Rolex introduced a new Cosmograph Daytona (Reference #116518LN) equipped with their Oysterflex elastomer bracelet. Another material innovation that makes this configuration unique is the black Cerachrom bezel, featured on the 116500LN stainless steel Daytona introduced at the trade show last year. The 2017 Oysterflex Daytonas are available in yellow, white or Everose gold. 

2017 Yellow Gold Rolex Cosmograph Daytona on Oysterflex Bracelet (photo: Rolex)
The Oysterflex elastomer bracelet was originally introduced on the Everose gold Yacht-Master (Reference # 116655) in 2015. It combines a super-elastic metal blade with high-performance black elastomer to provide both flexibility and reliability. On the 2017 Daytona it is fitted with either a yellow, white or Everose gold Oysterlock safety clasp to prevent accidental opening. The clasp also features an Easylink rapid extension system that allows the wearer to increase the length of the bracelet by 5mm.

Oysterflex Bracelet on 2017 Daytona (photo: Rolex)
The Oyster case of the Daytona measures 40mm in diameter and is sealed by a Triplock winding crown. It is waterproof up to 100 meters and has a power reserve of 72 hours. The champagne-colored dial has a sunray finish with black sub-dials displaying the chronograph functions. A 4130 self-winding mechanical movement powers the functions with a precision of -2/+2 seconds per day after casing.

For more information on this model, visit To check out all of the model configurations introduced at Baselworld 2017, click here.


Rolex Cellini Moonphase Introduced at Baselworld 2017

Perhaps the most interesting model introduction from Rolex at Baselworld 2017, the Cellini Moonphase harkens back to the mid-twentieth century. Its unique date display is rivaled only by the material used for the full moon appliqué on its moonphase indicator at 6 o'clock. While the new watches from the Oyster collection adhere to the watchmaker's contemporary sporty aesthetic, this Cellini model is in a class of its own. 

2017 Rolex Cellini Moonphase (photo: Rolex)
The Everose gold case (case ref. 50535) of this Cellini model measures 39mm in diameter with a double bezel that is both fluted and domed. Another characteristic that sets it apart from Oyster models is its flared screw-down winding crown. The white enameled dial features Everose gold hands and hour markers, with the moonphase display in blue lacquer. The date is displayed around the circumference of the dial with a blue date hand to indicate the day of the month.

Close Up of Moonphase Indicator on 2017 Rolex Cellini Moonphase (photo: Rolex)
A 3195 self-winding mechanical movement powers this elegant timepiece with a reserve of approximately 48 hours. It is equipped with a brown alligator leather strap and 18 ct Everose gold Crownclasp. The most interesting material innovation on this model, however, is the rhodium-plated meteorite used for the full moon on the moonphase display.

Iron Meteorite Used for Moon Appliqué (photo: Rolex) 
Impossible to reproduce on earth, the Widmanstätten pattern of the meteorites used create a unique etching on each timepiece. The iron meteorites used are millions of years old and also go by the name siderite. The photo above shows a piece of siderite in its natural state before becoming part of the moonphase display.

For more information on the 2017 Cellini Moonphase (Reference # 50535) visit To check out all of the watches introduced by Rolex at Baselworld 2017, click here.


11 Images of the Rolex Watches Introduced at Baselworld 2017

Baselworld 2017
Baselworld 2017 opened to the public today and Rolex placed all of their 2017 model configurations on display. They are only visible through a glass display case, so the photos below represent the best I could do with my smartphone. Even though the watchmaker posted their main model updates onto their official website yesterday, I was surprised to see some of the alternate configurations shown in the display case. Click here for official photos and details on every 2017 Rolex model configuration.

Rolex Stand, Baselworld 2017
The photo above shows the Rolex Stand, familiar to those who attended the event last year. It follows the modern design aesthetic that the watchmaker's design team presented at the Oscars a month ago.

Rolex Sky-Dweller Display, Baselworld 2017
Perhaps the most surprising configurations presented are the Sky-Dweller models, now available on Oyster bracelets in Rolesor.

Rolesor Sky-Dweller Models on Oyster Bracelet, Baselworld 2017
The two-tone models above take from the classic Datejust aesthetic, with white, gold and black dials on steel cases with gold fluted bezels. Their Oyster bracelets are made from steel with yellow gold center links.

White Rolesor Rolex Sky-Dweller Display, Baselworld 2017 
Even more interesting is the white Rolesor Sky-Dweller with a blue dial. The dial display has been altered to feature luminescent baton-shaped hour markers, replacing the white gold roman numerals on past configurations.

Rolex Daytona on Oysterflex Bracelet, Baselworld 2017
I was expecting the Oysterflex bracelet to make a splash this year, but I did not anticipate it on the Daytona model. The yellow, white and rose gold Daytona models now feature black Cerachrom bezels and black rubber Oysterflex bracelets.

Rolex Yacht-Master II, Baselworld 2017
The Yacht-Master II models shown above are relatively unchanged, save for their hands and hour markers at 12 and 6 o'clock.

Rolex Sea-Dweller 50th Anniversary, Baselworld 2017
The Sea-Dweller 50th Anniversary model features a 43mm case, a Cyclops magnifying lens over the date aperture and the name colored in red.

Blue and White Rolesor Display, Baselworld 2017
In the photo above, the white Rolesor Datejust models are positioned next to the new Sky-Dweller in the same material configuration.

Yellow Gold Display, Baselworld 2017
The yellow gold display shown above features Lady-Datejust models next to Day-Dates and the yellow gold Sky-Dweller.

Ice Blue Platinum Display, Baselworld 2017
Rolex maintains the combination of Ice Blue dials with their platinum models, shown above for men and women with and without diamond settings.

Blue Oyster Perpetual Display, Baselworld 2017
The blue Oyster Perpetual model configurations shown above feature displays similar to the Explorer model. Blue and white seems to be the most common color configuration of the year, replacing the Everose gold that dominated past presentations.

Oyster Perpetual Display, Baselworld 2017
The Oyster Perpetual models shown above feature a variety of dials, including a dial similar to that of the Z-blue Milgauss.

Click back in the next week for more a more detailed look at the new configurations presented by Rolex at this year's Baselworld 2017 trade show. They have shown a desire to diversify their stainless steel product offerings, something that falls in line with luxury watch sales figures from the past year.


New Rolex Model Configurations Introduced at Baselworld 2017

Ahead of Baselworld opening to the public on March 23rd, Rolex has released images and information about their new 2017 models. Some of their choices are surprising, namely the yellow gold ceramic Daytona on Oysterflex and the gem-set Yacht-Master 40, but most of the updates fit into their current collection without upsetting the general aesthetic. 

2017 Rolex Sea-Dweller 50th Anniversary 43mm

2017 Rolex 43mm Sea-Dweller (photo: Rolex)
The Sea-Dweller model celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and Rolex up-sized its case to 43mm, added a Cyclops magnifying lens for the first time, added a 3235 movement and colored the name on the dial in red. learn more

2017 Rolex Yacht-Master II

2017 Rolex Yacht-Master (photo: Rolex)
The 904l stainless steel Yacht-Master II model received subtle design changes to make it more in line with their other professional models. The hands have been upgraded with 18ct white gold Chromalight hands with their signature Mercedes hour hand. The hour markers at 12 and 6 o'clock have also been upgraded from small squares to standard triangular and rectangular shapes. learn more

2017 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona on Oysterflex Bracelet

2017 Rolex Daytona on Oysterflex (photo: Rolex)
The 2017 Rolex Daytona in yellow gold now features a Cerachrom bezel and Oysterflex bracelet. This is an interesting design choice, taking elements of last year's stainless steel model and adding the rubber bracelet introduced on the Yacht-Master model. learn more

2017 Two-Tone Rolex Sky-Dweller

2017 Rolex Sky-Dweller Rolesor on Oyster Bracelet (photo: Rolex)
Perhaps the most changed in terms of design, the 2017 Sky-Dweller looks more like a Datejust than the original Sky-Dweller model. The dial now features baton-style hour markers with Chromalight luminescence. The 24-hour sub-dial is now colored in gold to match the dial and it now features a Rolesor configuration with an Oyster bracelet. learn more

2017 Rolex Datejust 41

2017 White Rolesor Datejust 41 (photo: Rolex)
The 2017 Datejust 41 features a 904l middle case with an 18ct white gold fluted bezel. This white Rolesor configuration is powered by a 3235 movement. learn more

2017 Gem-Set Rolex Yacht-Master 40

2017 Gem-Set Yacht-Master 40 (photo: Rolex)
The 2017 Yacht-Master 40 features a gem-set bezel with rainbow colors. This configuration retains the Everose case, black dial and black Oysterflex bracelet characteristic of the original Yacht-Master 40 introduced a few years ago. learn more

2017 Rolex Lady-Datejust 28

2017 Lady-Datejust 28 (photo: Rolex)
The 2017 Lady-Datejust 28 has also been introduced in a white Rolesor configuration. This version is on an Oyster bracelet and powered by a 2236 movement. learn more

2017 Rolex Cellini Moonphase

2017 Rolex Cellini Moonphase (photo: Rolex)
The 2017 Rolex Cellini Moonphase is by far the most aesthetically pleasing of the new offerings. With a moonphase indicator at 6 o'clock and a date display around the circumference of the dial, this model harkens back to classic vintage Rolex models. The Everose gold case is complemented perfectly by the brown alligator leather strap. This model also features a folding Crownclasp is 18ct gold. learn more

Click back tomorrow for photos from the Rolex stand at Baselworld 2017!


Coverage of the Rolex Stand at Baselworld 2017

Rolex Baselworld 2016 Stand (photo: Rolex)
In the next 48 hours, all of the speculation about which models Rolex will roll out this year will cease as we will have confirmation from the watchmaker. Click back on Thursday, March 23, for coverage of the Rolex stand at Baselworld 2017. Check out the teaser below for a sneak peek, featuring a model with screw-down pushers at 2 and 4 o'clock and a smooth bezel.


Rolex Places Emphasis on Datejust Model Leading Up to Baselworld 2017

Rolex Datejust Featured on Instagram (photo: Rolex Instagram)
In the days leading up to Baselworld 2017, Rolex has placed a heavy emphasis on the Datejust model on their official social media accounts. Most of the predictions leading up to the event focus on their professional models. However, if their social media updates serve as an indication of what they will be presenting, it looks like the Datejust may be the model to watch out for.

A post shared by ROLEX (@rolex) on

The video above was posted to the official Rolex Instagram account in mid-February. It ties the history of the Oyster case and date aperture at 3 o'clock to the introduction of the Datejust model as a Throwback Thursday post. A week later, the video below was posted featuring the current Rolesor Datejust configuration.

Finally, the video below was posted one week ago. It also featured the #tbt hashtag.

Today, they debuted the Baselworld 2017 teaser on their official site and social media accounts, embedded below from Instagram.

A post shared by ROLEX (@rolex) on

Click back on March 23rd for confirmation on which model configurations will be featured at the Rolex stand at Baselworld 2017. Click here for more information on the Datejust model and visit our Rolex Models section for Baselworld predictions.


Did You Know Rolex Partnered with TED to Develop their "Surprise Me" App?

Rolex-Sponsored 'Surprise Me' TED App (photo: TED)
Rolex's emphasis on innovation goes beyond the production of their wristwatches. Since 2007, Rolex has partnered with TED to provide an innovative approach to help people discover ideas worth spreading. The "Surprise Me" feature on TED's iOS application is the result of this partnership.

TED is a nonprofit that began in 1984 as a conference where topics pertaining to technology, entertainment and design were discussed. Today, their talks range in topics and languages, with the only caveat being that they run no longer than 18 minutes. They have also spawned independent events, known as TEDx events, that take place across the globe.

The "Suprise Me" app allows you to enter what type of talks you would like to listen to, from inspiring to funny, beautiful to courageous. You then select how much time you have to watch or listen, a feature that ties in an element of Rolex's brand. The time limit is also ideal for people who have busy lives as well, something common amongst the watchmaker's customer base.

While this is a low-key partnership for Rolex, especially considering that they just sponsored the 89th Academy Awards, it represents the company's interest in promoting global citizenship. To check out the app and learn more about TED, visit


Will Rolex Present a Sea-Dweller on Oysterflex Bracelet at Baselworld 2017?

Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 on Oysterflex Bracelet Concept Design
Baselworld 2017 is days away and I will be updating this blog with photos of their new model configurations from the event on March 23rd. By then, all of the speculation about 2017 Rolex models will be replaced with questions about how soon we will be able to get our hands on them. In the meantime, I have been looking around online to check up on the most up-to-date rumors and predictions leading up to the event.

Earlier this year, rumors circulated that there would be a 50th Anniversary edition of the Sea-Dweller with its name and depth rating in blue. My prediction was that they would release a blacked-out Sea-Dweller with the name and depth rating in red. As the trade show approaches, I have come to consider that while watchmakers like Panerai have released blacked-out models this year, Rolex is less likely to follow current trends.

With their penchant for classic configurations and preference for technical innovations over design overhauls, I think it may be more likely that they release a 50th Anniversary Sea-Dweller 4000 in stainless steel with their Oysterflex bracelet as shown in the design concept above. This prediction errs on the side of practicality, something that falls in line with the company's past Baselworld presentations.

This configuration would still fit into their current collection while incorporating their latest material innovation, the rubber bracelet seen only on the Yacht-Master model as of yet. The red lettering is an homage to the 1967 Sea-Dweller model (Reference # 1665) known as the 'Double Red' by collectors. All of this is speculation, but if I had to put my money on one 2017 Rolex configuration, it would be this one.

To check out all of my posts about Baselworld 2017 rumors and predictions, visit the Rolex Models section of this blog. Click back on March 23rd for confirmation with photos from the Rolex stand at the international trade show taking place in Basel, Switzerland.


Every Rolex Tells a Story: Lydia Ko

Every Rolex Tells a Story: Lydia Ko (photo: Rolex)
Korean-born professional golfer Lydia Ko moved to New Zealand as an infant. It was there that she developed her athletic career, becoming the youngest golfer, man or woman, to be ranked number one in the world. She achieved this at age 17 and has maintained her status as a professional golf phenom since. 

In 2015, Ko became the Rolex Player of the Year after winning her first major championships. To mark the occasion, she engraved a 37 mm Rolex Yacht-Master with '2015 Player of the Year' on the case back. "This watch is a great mix between the traditional face and the sporty look. Especially being an athlete, I thought it would be great to showcase this balance between sport and a traditional classy look."

Rumors are swirling that Rolex with roll out new configurations to feature their Oysterflex bracelet at Baselworld 2017 next week. The timing of this addition to the Every Rolex Tells a Story series seems to bode well for those rumors. While the watchmaker prides itself on resisting passing trends, the rubber watchband is a perfect symbiosis of material innovation and sporty elegance. The question remains whether it will appear on additional Yacht-Master configurations or on other models, like the Sea-Dweller 4000

I will be providing Baselworld 2017 coverage next week, so click back for confirmation and visit to check out the rest of Lydia Ko's Rolex story. 

Mondani Books Offer A Comprehensive Look at Your Favorite Rolex Models

Mondani Books About Rolex Watches (photo: Mondani Facebook)
While the Internet has certainly made it easier to access information in an instant, there is still a role for traditional publications to play in the distribution of information about Rolex watches. The company itself offer very limited information to the public through their official channels, leaving many scratching their heads when searching for reliable information about their favorite models.

In my research for this blog over the past year, I have found it difficult to find reliable sources of information on Rolex watches, particularly on vintage models that are no longer in production. You can Google any reference and find conflicting information on watch specs, including info from trusted sources. On several occasions, my searches have led me to books published by Mondani, a family-run publisher located in Genova, Italy.

Guido Mondani began collecting watches after his wife, Franca, gifted him a Rolex Reference 8171 in 1986. His quest for knowledge about the watch was the impetus for starting the publishing company that focused on luxury watches. By 2006, he had amassed a watch collection that earned him over $11 Million at auction. Now, his daughter Giorgia runs the marketing and foreign sales for the company. She has also co-authored some of the books they offer on their official website.

“I am one of the very few women in this business. Often at watch events, I am the only woman,” Giorgia told the New York Times in 2015. “Being a woman in this men’s world is not that easy or common," she added. While it may have been difficult for her to break through in the male-dominated world of horology, she has helped Mondani maintain their status as a leader in publishing books about luxury watches.

Their books cover more than just Rolex watches, though their Rolex Encyclopedia is their pièce de résistance. In it, you can find updated information on even the most esoteric topics and references. If you are interested in information on the 'Dato-Compax' or 'Lumi dial' you might benefit from taking a look inside the pages of the three book anthology. For more information on Mondani, including pricing on their coffee table books, visit

The Last Rolex Chronograph With Tachymeter Printed on Dial

Rolex Reference 6238 Vintage Gold Chronograph (photo: Phillips)
With the popularity of Rolex's Cosmograph Daytona model, it's hard to imagine another chronograph model from the watchmaker. However, the chronograph shown above (Reference #6238) is known as a 'Pre-Daytona' because this reference preceded the now iconic Daytona model. One of the distinguishing features of this vintage model is the tachymetric scale printed on the dial instead of the bezel. This is the last chronograph made by Rolex with that feature, making it a rare and coveted vintage timepiece for collectors.

Close Up of Rolex Reference 6238 Chronograph (photo: Phillips)
It's remarkable how one design feature can change the face of a watch. Looking at the close up above makes the differences between the 6238 and the Daytona model even more apparent. This 14k yellow gold chronograph features a 36 mm case with pushers at 2 and 5 o'clock. The silver sunburst dial provides a wonderful compliment to the gold case and hour markers. This particular model, sold at a Phillips auction last year for 81,250 Swiss francs, is in great condition given its age. It is even more rare because of its gold case, with most examples of Pre-Daytonas in stainless steel.

Crown and Pushers of Rolex Reference 6238 (photo: Phillips)
The side view shows the minimal wear around the lugs and the crown. The crown has the characteristic Rolex crown logo in relief and the lugs on this model still maintain their sharp edges. It was sold with its original box and papers dated 1969. The original release of this particular reference was in 1968. For more information on this vintage timepiece, visit


Rolex Adds Pricing to Official Website for Select Models

Rolex Submariner LV (photo: Rolex)
If you've frequented Rolex's official website over the past few months, you may have noticed that the watchmaker recently added pricing for some of their popular wristwatch configurations. The screenshot above shows an example, with the suggested retail price of the stainless steel Submariner LV below the photo. This pricing feature is new to Rolex, surely designed to direct traffic to their website from search engines.

Many use search terms like 'Rolex pricing' on a monthly basis, so it makes sense for them to finally offer pricing directly as they do in their printed price list. The website only lists pricing for models under $20,000 US, though. The configurations that cost more, mainly precious metal configurations, are available upon request by contacting an authorized dealer. While it's not a comprehensive price guide, this new feature still offers utility to those deciding between most stainless steel and two-tone models.

To check out the new pricing feature, visit For information on configurations above $20,000 US, check out my Rolex Shopping Guide, with pricing on Rolex models priced from less than $10,000 to upwards of $50,000 US.


Celebrating One Year of Rob's Rolex Chronicle

Celebrating One Year of Rob's Rolex Chronicle
Today marks one year since I published the first post to Rob's Rolex Chronicle. My original intention was to offer useful and nuanced information about Rolex to fans of the brand, including newbies to the world of horology. I have learned a lot about the company and their wristwatches over the past year and hope that I have shared that knowledge in the content of my posts.

The Rolex Models section has seen tremendous growth over the past year. It currently features sections about new and vintage watches as well as a Tech section that offers a look inside your favorite Rolex models. The Model Comparisons page has garnered particular interest, especially from those who are trying to figure out which model is right for them.

The Rolex Shopping Guide has also expanded over time, covering topics related to the search for the perfect Rolex model for you. There are so many factors that go into the purchase of a luxury timepiece that I felt it necessary to break them down in terms that the average consumer can comprehend. From pricing to functionality, I hope that my shopping guide offers a comprehensive look at the market and the most important aspects of the purchase decision.

The Rolex Owner's Lounge is the newest section of this site and it offers Rolex owners information on every aspect of ownership. The most utilitarian information is found in the Owner's Guide, covering topics that range from how to set the time on your watch to repairs and maintenance. The company's history is also presented in a Historical Timeline that covers their milestones over the past century. Another point of interest for readers is seeing their favorite Rolex model on today's most talked-about celebrities.

An FAQ page featuring Frequently Asked Questions About Buying a Rolex completes this blog. The answers range from information about Rolex to mechanical watches in general. This is a great place to start if you are new to the world of wristwatches. I break down the parts of a watch, show you how they work and answer questions about Rolex as a company.

With Baselworld 2017 around the corner, I look forward to adding new and exciting content in the weeks to come. I would love to hear what topics readers enjoy the most so that I can focus my content on that. E-mail or use the social media links on the sidebar to connect with me and share your thoughts and ideas.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for following my Rolex journey. This blog's readership has grown exponentially over the past few months and I look forward to seeing it grow even more in the future. For now, I hope that the information found in these sections is helpful and informative to you on your journey.

Thank you again!


Will Rolex Introduce a GMT-Master II 'Coke' at Baselworld 2017?

2017 Rolex GMT-Master II 'Coke' Concept Design
With Baselworld 2017 coming up this month, predictions have been swirling on the Internet, leading many enthusiasts to discuss what model updates they want to see from Rolex. Among the most talked about rumors is the addition of a GMT-Master II configuration with a black and red Cerachrom bezel, a combination known as 'Coke' by fans of the brand.

I took to Photoshop to create a visual of the configuration based on the current GMT-Master II models. Most of the comment and forum threads suggest that a stainless steel version is the most desired. It will be interesting to see if Rolex grants their wish, as many surmise that adding another stainless steel configuration will cannibalize sales of their current BLNR model. Right now they offer the GMT2 in stainless steel with either a black bezel or the 'Batman' bezel, a combination of blue and black.

The GMT-Master II BLRO is available in white gold, know as the 'Pepsi' for the bezel's semblance to the soda company's logo. Rolex could just as easily add a white gold 'Coke' to the mix, which would be less of a threat to the BLNR based on the price point of the precious metal configurations. Looking at the current collection of Daytona models suggests that the watchmaker is more likely to offer several options on precious metal configurations while limiting the variety of stainless steel models.

The 2017 Rolex models will not hit Authorized Dealers until the summer, but we will receive confirmation on which configurations they will introduce in only a few weeks. I offered my opinion on what I would like to see from the watchmaker in a previous post. My material choices may be ambitious based on Rolex's reticence to introduce new configurations based on current trends, but you never know. This may be the year that Rolex goes out on a limb. It has happened in decades past, after all.


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