Every Rolex Tells a Story: Lydia Ko

March 13, 2017

Every Rolex Tells a Story: Lydia Ko (photo: Rolex)
Korean-born professional golfer Lydia Ko moved to New Zealand as an infant. It was there that she developed her athletic career, becoming the youngest golfer, man or woman, to be ranked number one in the world. She achieved this at age 17 and has maintained her status as a professional golf phenom since. 

In 2015, Ko became the Rolex Player of the Year after winning her first major championships. To mark the occasion, she engraved a 37 mm Rolex Yacht-Master with '2015 Player of the Year' on the case back. "This watch is a great mix between the traditional face and the sporty look. Especially being an athlete, I thought it would be great to showcase this balance between sport and a traditional classy look."

Rumors are swirling that Rolex with roll out new configurations to feature their Oysterflex bracelet at Baselworld 2017 next week. The timing of this addition to the Every Rolex Tells a Story series seems to bode well for those rumors. While the watchmaker prides itself on resisting passing trends, the rubber watchband is a perfect symbiosis of material innovation and sporty elegance. The question remains whether it will appear on additional Yacht-Master configurations or on other models, like the Sea-Dweller 4000

I will be providing Baselworld 2017 coverage next week, so click back for confirmation and visit rolex.com to check out the rest of Lydia Ko's Rolex story. 

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