Mondani Books Offer A Comprehensive Look at Your Favorite Rolex Models

March 09, 2017

Mondani Books About Rolex Watches (photo: Mondani Facebook)
While the Internet has certainly made it easier to access information in an instant, there is still a role for traditional publications to play in the distribution of information about Rolex watches. The company itself offer very limited information to the public through their official channels, leaving many scratching their heads when searching for reliable information about their favorite models.

In my research for this blog over the past year, I have found it difficult to find reliable sources of information on Rolex watches, particularly on vintage models that are no longer in production. You can Google any reference and find conflicting information on watch specs, including info from trusted sources. On several occasions, my searches have led me to books published by Mondani, a family-run publisher located in Genova, Italy.

Guido Mondani began collecting watches after his wife, Franca, gifted him a Rolex Reference 8171 in 1986. His quest for knowledge about the watch was the impetus for starting the publishing company that focused on luxury watches. By 2006, he had amassed a watch collection that earned him over $11 Million at auction. Now, his daughter Giorgia runs the marketing and foreign sales for the company. She has also co-authored some of the books they offer on their official website.

“I am one of the very few women in this business. Often at watch events, I am the only woman,” Giorgia told the New York Times in 2015. “Being a woman in this men’s world is not that easy or common," she added. While it may have been difficult for her to break through in the male-dominated world of horology, she has helped Mondani maintain their status as a leader in publishing books about luxury watches.

Their books cover more than just Rolex watches, though their Rolex Encyclopedia is their pièce de résistance. In it, you can find updated information on even the most esoteric topics and references. If you are interested in information on the 'Dato-Compax' or 'Lumi dial' you might benefit from taking a look inside the pages of the three book anthology. For more information on Mondani, including pricing on their coffee table books, visit

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