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July 25, 2016

Whether you own a few of their watches or are shopping for your first, it is likely that you will take to the internet to look for information about Rolex and their wristwatch models. While Google does a good job of bringing relevant websites to the first page of search results, it usually takes some digging to get to the bottom of what information is found where. As someone who has spent many hours conducting my own research online for this website and for personal purchase decisions, I would like to share the most helpful Rolex resources I have found from around the web. 

Rolex Online Resources (photo: Thomas Lefebvre)
Official Rolex Website
The first and most logical destination on your Rolex journey is their official website at They offer guided searches of their men's and women's models, historical and company information, details about each of their wristwatch model configurations and more. You can't buy a watch from them directly on their website, but they have a Store Locator that helps you find a local Authorized Dealer where you can check their watches out in person. They also provide a locator for Service Centers where you can find qualified professionals to perform maintenance and service on your Rolex. They also include this Legal Notice for anyone with questions about warranty and other legal matters as well as links to their official social media accounts.

The Rolex Forum
If you have questions that were not answered by a visit to their official website, I would recommend performing a search in The Rolex Forum next. There are many watch forums on the internet, but this one focuses mainly on Rolex watches. You don't have to become a member to read the information in the forum and most of the questions you might have about a Rolex are probably answered already in past threads. Aside from general information, the forum has a Classifieds section with vintage and pre-owned Rolex watches for sale or trade. There are also sticky posts with 2016 pricing information, a list of acronyms and abbreviations and a reference library with information pertinent to each Rolex model.

Anyone looking for a preowned Rolex online should check our, a comprehensive search engine for private Rolex sales. Many of the listings found on this site link directly to sellers on the Rolex Forum, but their search results also include listings form other forums like Watchuseek's and Timezone's. This is also a good way to get an idea of what the resale value of your current Rolex watch should you be interested in selling it.

1988 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Model (photo: Rolex/Jean-Daniel Meyer)
Rolex Blogs
There are several watch blogs that regularly feature content centered around Rolex watches. Though their editorial content is not limited to Rolex, and are perhaps the most well known watch blogs on the internet today. Ariel Adams is the editor of A Blog to Watch and a regular contributor to Forbes magazine. Ben Clymer is at the helm at Hodinkee and has contributed to GQ and been featured in the New York Times due to the success of his blog, which is now also a shop offering vintage watches and watch accessories. The Rolex section of is also a useful resource for reviews. There are a couple notable blogs that feature content exclusively dedicated to Rolex. Jake's Rolex World at features many interesting vintage photographs of Rolex watches and celebrities wearing them throughout the watchmaker's history. For more technical information including how-to's and watch comparisons, check out

Rolex on Reddit
Reddit, the self-proclaimed front page of the internet, has a couple subreddits that can assist with questions and research about Rolex watches. Their Watches Subreddit has over 98,000 subscribers and features content and resources about all watch brands. In this subreddit, I have come across threads that answer questions about dealer pricing, horology, model comparisons and more. Their FAQ offers insights into what sort of information you can find on their subreddit and also answers questions about watches in general. In addition to /r/Watches, there is a smaller subreddit dedicated exclusively to Rolex, /r/Rolex. This subreddit has less that 2,000 followers, but is friendlier to those who may not be experts about watches and want to discuss Rolex watches exclusively. 

Rolex Books
Mondani is a family-owned Italian publishing company that specializing in books about watches. There is only so much information available on the internet about certain Rolex watches, so if you have searched and still not found answers about your favorite Rolex model, I would recommend purchasing one of their books. They make wonderful coffee table books and provide information that would otherwise only come from experts in horology and Swiss watches. You can check out their entire selection of books at

Rolex US Contact Information
Should you have any questions about Rolex that you can't find online or in books, you can always call their New York City offices at 212-758-7700 and ask their operator for assistance. They have a department that handles stolen or lost watch reports and they can also questions about replacing bracelets, maintenance, damage, warranty, etc. If you want to send them an inquiry through snail mail, you can address your correspondence to their offices located at 665 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022 in Manhattan. I have never sent them a letter, but I have read that the company is responsive to customer inquiries.

If there is an online Rolex resource that I have left out, please feel free to e-mail me at and let me know. I  would love to make this list as comprehensive as possible so that readers need to look no further for Rolex related content on the web.


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