Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma Designs Rolex Office Building in Dallas, Texas

July 05, 2016

In addition to his job designing Japan's National Stadium for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Kengo Kuma has also been hired to design the new Rolex Sales and Service center in Dallas, Texas. The Dallas tower features an environmentally sophisticated design that incorporates natural light and historic Japanese architecture. 

Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma's design for Rolex's Dallas Sales & Service Center (design: Kengo Kuma)
Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma's design for Rolex's Dallas Sales & Service Center (design: Kengo Kuma) 

“The theme of the design is the integration of the land with the building," Kuma told Rolex. "Usually, office buildings are independent monuments, and the building is separate from the land around it. So I thought of starting with the landscape by connecting the building to the ground with a low Japanese castle wall, and twisted the building to show the continuous movement from terrain to building, from the bottom to the top – the dynamic form of the building.”

In-Between Spaces of Rolex Office Building in Dallas (design: Kengo Kuma)
The corners of the seven story building are on a slant, giving the building the look of a slightly twisted deck of cards. The in-between spaces of the building are blur the lines of inside and outside, controlling the climate in the hotter months of the year. The edges of each floor are designed to house gardens and greenery in an effort of incorporate nature in the design. The interiors are lined with wood, creating an interesting and unique architectural feature. 

For more information on Kengo Kuma and Associates, visit their official website. For information on this and other Rolex Architecture projects, visit rolex.com

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