Frequently Asked Questions About Buying a Rolex
Frequently Asked Questions About Buying a Rolex (photo: Luke Chesser)

I had many questions about luxury watches when I was shopping for my first Rolex. While there are many wonderful Rolex resources online (I put together a post with online resources here) it was difficult for me to find answers to all of my questions about the watches, the company and mechanical watches in one place. So, I decided to put together the FAQ below to compile answers to common questions about the watchmaker. I've also put together a Rolex Shopping Guide to help inform consumers on Rolex models, pricing and company information.

Questions About Rolex Watches
Which Rolex Holds Its Value the Best?
Are Yellow Gold Rolex Watches Gaudy?
Are Rolex Watches Unisex?
Are Rolex Watches Waterproof?
Are Rolex Watches Self-Winding?
Should I Modify my Rolex?

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