Rolex 9001 Movement

March 11, 2016

Rolex calibre 9001 is one of the most complex self-winding mechanical movements developed and manufactured by the watchmaker. This certified Swiss chronometer was designed for the Sky-Dweller model in 2012, featuring a dual time zone display and an annual calendar that tells the difference between months with 30 and 31 days. 

Rolex 9001 movement
Rolex 9001 Movement
The functions of the impressive watch are adjusted using the rotatable Ring Command Bezel. The movement is equipped with a selector wheel on its outside edge that works with the bezel to allow for these adjustments.

A Saros annual calendar that uses the positions of the earth, moon and sun is built into the movement using four additional gear wheels. This is the mechanism that allows the watch to differentiate between shorter and longer months, making it only necessary to set the date on March 1 to make up for the month of February having less than 30 days.


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