Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II

March 11, 2016

First released in 1971, the Explorer II built upon the legacy of the original Explorer model. In the spirit of exploration, Rolex added additional features to this model to aid in polar exploration and cave expeditions. 

The watchmaker debuted the latest model (ref 216570) at Baselworld 2011, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Explorer II. New features include an orange 24 hour hand, large hour markers outlined in black with blue luminescence and a 24 hour fixed bezel.

The oyster bracelet and the 42 mm case (larger than the 40mm case of the previous model) come in 904L steel, brushed to give them a modern finish. The watch contains a 3187 movement, manufactured entirely by Rolex. 
Rolex Explorer II 216570
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II
The marketing for this Explorer II model boasts superior luminosity and legibility. The 24 hour hand is also an important component, allowing one to distinguish between day and night in places that may lack daylight. 

A 24 hour hand may seem like a superfluous feature for those who live in areas with regular daylight cycles, however, for those who live or work in latitudes where there is night for several days at a time, this feature would appear to be more useful. It would also help those who may be conducting research underground or in caves, where there is no natural light.

The suggested retail price for the stainless steel Explorer II model shown above is 7,700 Swiss Francs, or $8,076 US. 

The brochure for the Explorer II contains several pages featuring explorers and mountain climbers using the world as a laboratory to test the features of the timepiece over the past decades.


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