Tory Lanez Wearing Rolex During Jimmy Kimmel Performance

March 11, 2016

Tory Lanez, a young Hip Hop and R&B talent hailing from Toronto, performed his Billboard Hot 100 single 'Say It' on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday January 28, 2016. The hit song features a hook from the 1993 Brownstone hit "If You Love Me" and Lanez invited the group to perform with him during the live set.

Tory Lanez Rolex
Tory Lanez Wearing a Gold Rolex with a Diamond Bezel on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Lanez sported a gold Rolex Datejust with a jubilee bracelet and diamond bezel for this televised performance. He styled it with white high top sneakers, black jeans, a white tee and a black leather jacket, which he removed to perform his new single, LA Confidential.

Many view Rolex as an aspirational brand and the purchase of one of their timepieces usually follows a major life event, including a successful career move. In this case, it seems likely that Lanez purchased the wristwatch to commemorate his success over the past couple of years.

Considering that the up and coming talent spent some of his youth living on the streets, it seems fitting that he honor his recent achievement with a blinged out Rolex. Check out his Kimmel set below.


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