Sir Malcolm Campbell Breaks World Land-Speed Record in 1935

March 22, 2016

Sir Malcolm Campbell was a British pilot during World War I who later went on to break 9 world land-speed records before taking to the sea to break several water-speed records. One of his most notable world records was breaking 300 miles per hour in his Bluebird in 1935 at the Boneville Salt Flats of Utah. 

Sir Malcolm Campbell (photo: Rolex)
His preference for Rolex wristwatches made him a fixture in Rolex advertisements of the 1930's, though he never accepted payment for an endorsement of the company.

"Rolex watch worn during record attempt and still going splendidly notwithstanding rough usage received," Campbell was quoted as saying in the Rolex ad below. This ad bears resemblance to the ad taken out by the company after Mercedes Gleitze's crossing of the English Channel in 1927.

Based on the historical references on their current website and vintage ads, it would seem that Rolex has always associated their brand with world record breakers. This makes logical sense, as the company has itself broken records with their innovations in wristwatch manufacturing.

Vintage Rolex Ad featuring Sir Malcolm Campbell (photo:

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