Let Lamar Jackson Buy Rolex For Whomever He Wants

Quite possibly the most talented NFL quarterback in 2019, Lamar Jackson, is getting reamed by al letter to the Baltimore Sun.  The author, a writer named Karen, offers criticism that Lamar Jackson is buying his Offensive Line Rolex watches this year. 

The Sun contributor bases her criticism on the luxury of Rolex and finds the gift obscenely ostentatious.  She argues that the O-line are all rich fellows and can afford their own Rolex timepieces.  She continues by saying that Jackson should instead donate that money to charity. 

Jackson Has Earned His Right To Spend His Money However He Wants

Lamar Jackson has worked his entire life to become one of the greatest QB's in the game today.  He won the Heisman trophy in 2016 and nearly won it again the year after.  He declared for the draft in 2018 - a young man.  He was told he might not make it as a QB and many thought he should try out as a running back or wide receiver. 

This year he will break Michael Vick's single-season rushing record, and he did well as a pure passer too.  He is a shoe in for MVP this year - bringing his Raven football team deep into the playoffs - falling last week to the red hot Tennessee Titans. 

The bottom line is that it is his money.  He has more than earned the right to spend it the way he wants.  He knows that his O-Line is part of his success.  When they succeed, he succeeds.  He is not the highest paid QB in the NFL.  For him to spend a fortune to give back to the big boys that protect him from being blind-sided by giant men that want to take him down - that is a gift worth giving.  And, to her point that O-Linemen can afford their own Rolex - let's just say that they are the blue-collar workers of the NFL and will never make the kind of coin that a QB makes. 

Other QB's Give Extravagant Gifts

Famed quarterback Dan Marino gave extravagant gifts to his offensive linemen each year.  This was commemorated in the funny film Ace Ventura Pet Detective - in which Dan Marino played a cameo part.  It comes with the territory.  A QB is the leader of the team.   However, the line is where the game is won and lost.  The QB gets the fame and the criticism of wins and losses. 

Jackson Is Already Charitable and Young

Lamar Jackson is not only one of the youngest NFL players - and playing outrageously well.  He is also charitable.  He helped raise 30k for charity - dressing himself up as Harry Potter for an anti-bullying campaign.  He also holds an event each year giving kids the opportunity to play ball with him.  Give him some time and he will likely prove to be even more charitable in the future. 

I would be curious if Karen was so charitable herself.  Or anyone else at such a young age.  Seriously, how many charitable things did we do in our early 20's?  Charity is something that people think about later in life.  And we put so much pressure on young athletes.  They have to speak like a pro, play like a pro, and now be charitable like a Bill and Melinda Gates too?

Let's Not Overlook Lamar Jackson's Excellent Taste in Rolex

Of course my blog is about Rolex.  However, the fact that Lamar Jackson chose to give his O-Line Rolex timepieces rather than AP, or Panerai, a Tesla car, or a trip to Tahiti, shows his great sense of style and taste. 

Consider all of the options a 1 million dollar expenditure would buy.  He could have done anything with that money.  He could have hoarded it.  He could have spent it on something personally himself.  Instead, he shared it with his co-workers. 

Imagine if your boss or office mate came into a boatload of cash and shared it with you by buying a $40,000+ piece of jewelry for you.  Wouldn't that be amazing?  We should be honoring LJ's generosity, and his brilliant choice of settling on buying his teammates Rolex timepieces.  Lamar Jackson, I have to tell you I am a bigger fan of yours today than I was before.  You just gained one more fan.  I look forward to watching your career develop and wish you luck on next year's season. 

What Can We Expect from Rolex at Baselworld 2020?

Picture of Basel Switzerland by Etienne Ehret
Rolex seems to come to Baselworld with new watch designs every single year.  Each year, they tweak their awesome timepiece lineup and make perfection even more perfect.  We could only guess at what this year might bring - well that is what this article is about.  In part we will be guessing what we think Rolex might bring to the forefront.  Also, in some ways we will be hoping these are some of the items that will be on the agenda for Rolex's 2020 unveiling.  No matter what comes of this year's event, we expect big things and will be eagerly anticipating what they reveal.

New Submariner and Sea-Dweller

The Submariner and Sea-Dweller from Rolex are two timepieces that seem to have been overlooked in the past few years.  These timepieces are hugely popular as they are, with or without changes to them.  Rolex has added some tweaks to the Submariner over the years and had a major rework about 10 years ago.  However, now the new higher power reserve caliber that is being sported by most other Rolex timepieces, is starting to make the Submariner look like the Cinderella scrubbing floors in the evil step sister's basement. 

The Submariner is nearly a perfect timepiece.  However, the new caliber will give the Sub an equal standing with the GMT- Master II and the DateJust which got such beautiful reworks last year. 

Besides an enhanced caliber, I expect there to be some new designs that will enhance the look of the Submariner.  Although I would probably holding my breath to see a platinum version of the Submariner, it would be interesting to see some gemology added to the diving timepiece. 

Another enhancement I fully expect to see in the new Sub and Sea-Dweller is the use of Oysterflex bands. We have seen that Rolex has adopted a similar approach to Vulcanized rubber bands as the premier maker of Rolex rubberized straps - Rubber B.  Rubber B straps have always had a unique T design at the curved end link between the lugs, which compliments Rolex watch models nicely. 

Rubber B is known for their T shaped design since they first came onto the market. It took me a while to get used to rubber visually, but the design really does work and eventually it won me over. We have seen that it also won over Rolex, and last year we saw that Oysterflex was added to the Daytona. 

Rubber B makes watchbands for all kinds of Rolex timepieces, Panerai, AP, and even Rolex's sister company Tudor.  They have always features this cool looking T-design.  Rolex can't afford to ignore this tremendous trend of rubberized bands - especially when designing this new Submariner. 

The T shape is easily recognizable. I’ve see it on all kinds of celebrities, including Justin Bieber, Prince Andrew and most recently Kevin O’Leary who absolutely loves them.

Besides the "T" design, the comfort of a rubberized band makes it a timepiece open for a much larger audience - watch owners that not only want to own the luxury of Rolex, but also the comfort and ease of use of a rubberized band. 

One of the biggest benefits of getting a http://rubberb.com band is adding color to the timepiece.  A green submariner would look even better with a green band.  A blue sub with a blue band.  Why not swap out with a red or white band, depending on the season or where your whim takes you.  Even Rolex has only released a black Oysterflex band thus far.  I expect that to change in the future.

The Showpiece Daytona

Every single year, Rolex comes to Baselworld with a fantastic new design of the latest Daytona.  Two years ago there was a rainbow colored Rolex with different colored gems around the bezel.  Last year the gold Daytona with Oysterflex band became the timepiece that dominated billboards the world over in 2019.  I don't know what this year has in store for the Daytona-Rolex's most popular timepiece today.  But it will sure to be big.

Milgauss, Air King and Explorer Reworks?

It is largely doubtful that Rolex will rework all of these timepieces in one year.  Rolex loves to spread things out over time and release new versions slowly.  However, with the new caliber available and the Oysterflex bands, as well as Rolex's gemologists starting to tinker with adding their artistry to standard Rolex timepieces, I fully expect one of these timepieces to get some love. 

If I were a betting man, the Rolex Explorer II will get the first rework of the three.  However, I would love to see the Milgauss and the Air King to get a revision or two themselves. 

The Rolex Cellini

This timepiece seems to not fit in with the rest of Rolex's lineup.  It rarely gets any love from the Rolex expert designers.  However, the classic watch needs some classic Rolex redesign.  Not only should it have a new calibre added with a better power reserve, but the classic design needs to have some new enhancements to add interest.  Perhaps adding a tapestry design or a skeleton dial to create interest.  Adding some of the gemology magic from Rolex's highly touted sapphire and diamond cutters, could add some bling to a rather ho-hum timepiece. 

And of course the band itself.  The leather strap is so 1940's.  Today, going with a vulcanized rubber band is more ethically sound, but also has the ability to adapt to multiple color offerings.  Rather than being limited to just a brown or black leather band, Cellini owners could go with white, red, yellow, orange, green or blue.  Whatever suits their tastes at the moment.  Plus the rubber bands can have better wear and tear and offer the owner the ability to use their Cellini in the pool or in sporting activities without damaging their band. 

The Cellini itself should also be certified to go deeper with waterproofness that matches other Rolex Oyster cases.  Otherwise, why buy a Rolex Cellini?

Baselworld is Making Significant Changes Starting in 2020

Baselworld is the most iconic Watch show every single year.  It has been around for over 100 years, but it has fallen out of favor and in the past two years - it has actually lost money.  Over 1000 watchmakers and jewelry companies have dropped out of Baselworld, largely due to the high costs that attending a Baselworld event entails.  Even Breitling pulled the plug on this year's event.

So, this year marks the first in a series of changes that will catapult Baselworld back into a more profitable position. 

Live Streamed

It is amazing that although Baselworld puts on a tremendous showing of new technology in timepieces, the show itself is pretty low tech.  That changes this year.  Baselworld will be adding live streaming technology so that people that can't attend the live event, will be able to partake in all of the festivities, announcements, speaking opportunities, and more. 

Besides this, a redesigned App for visitors of the event will help visitors experience the show with more organization, direction, and technological support. 

Year-Long Baselworld

The streaming features will allow Baselworld to play and replay video captured at the show year round.  More than this, Baselworld is opening a new digital innovation center that will be available for visitors all year long.  This will extend the reach to a yearlong event rather than the 6 day event which has been constricting (becoming shorter) in recent years.  This pushes against the grain and allows promoters to offer more marketing value to exhibitors, and opens the doors to more potential revenue from web-only advertisers.

New Sponsors

For years, Baselworld has been primarily a place for jewelry makers, timepiece makers and has shunned the likes of other luxury brands.  That is changing.  Baselworld is opening its doors to fine automotive companies, and other opportunities.  Luxury real estate, aircraft, and other industries that might want to market to the same clientelle that would purchase an AP or Rolex timepiece, will get their chance starting this year.

Going Small

Although huge brands such as Rolex keep adding to their Baselworld footprint, small brands couldn't afford the prices of Baselworld past.  The new Baselworld will open the doors to the previously closed hall 2.  Here they will add small sponsors.  They will adopt smartwatches and digital watch brands, and entice them to come with a price slash of 30% off of last year's booth prices. 

Expanding Out

Baselworld is going to the city.  They want to make the new Baselworld bigger as it takes clients to the city for off-site demonstrations, viewings, and one-on-one treatment.  New events, parades, and other enticements will make Baselworld more enjoyable and allow for a more unique experience for attendees year after year.   

Have a Rolex Christmas

Red and Black Rolex GMT Master II with Santa Red Rubber Band from Rubber B.  Image Rubberb.com
If Santa climbed down the chimney this year with one thing in his gift bag, certainly a Rolex would be the one thing on many people's top 3 wish list. So, let's look at some of the Rolex timepieces that would make the naughty or nice list.

Naughty Rolex Timepieces

If I had to pick the naughtiest timepiece from the Rolex collection I think I would have to pick the Rolex Milgauss.  It screams evil genius! 
Rolex Milgauss
Where else could you find an evil mastermind except in a lab somewhere hidden in the depths of some scientific lair. The Milgauss has an orange lightning bolt that might lead some people to think of Star War's Emperor Palpatine (Darth Sideous), who made his triumphant return in the most recent and final chapter of the 9 part Star Wars series. 

Sideous was able to release lightning from his fingertips.  Certainly he would love to have a timepiece that could keep up with his own magnetic interference that he could generate from the depths of the dark side of the force.  On top of that, the luminescent hour markers would give him perfect visibility in the darkness of his throne room, no matter where it is.

If I had to go back in time, I would conjure up the spirit of a swashbuckling pirate who would be interested in the lootiest loot he could get his hands on.  For that finest catch I would have to lay my sights on the Rolex Pearlmaster encrusted with diamonds.

Rolex Pearlmaster
This Pearlmaster needs no introduction.  It would dazzle a pirate's eye, and anyone unlucky enough to cross his path.  This is the lucky Rolex white pearl, to counter the most famous swashbuckler's ship - the curse of the black pearl - from Pirates of the Caribbean lore.  At 39 mm this is a fairly large women's timepiece, but don't tell that to Captain Hook or else you might get struck by his hooked hand.  A more gentile wordsmith pirate, the famed Captain Jack Sparrow would simply argue that he has hundreds of diamonds on his wrist, "How many you got?"  Who could argue with that kind of logic. 

Nice Rolex Timepieces

The nicest Rolex Timepieces would have to start with something old Nick would appreciate himself.  For this first timepiece I would go with a Blue Sky Dweller.

Rolex Sky-Dweller
This timepiece isn't gaudy or threatening in any way.  The blue color is eye catching even in deep North Pole snow.  The white hour markers are like snowflakes floating on the sea of blue.  The sky-dweller has another purpose for the holiday.  There is no bigger Sky-Dweller than Santa - who has to fly pole to pole and across the world with incredible speed to hit all the nice boys and girl's homes.  A second timezone can help him keep in synch with the actual time clock of the frosty north and whichever timezone he is visiting at the moment. 

The second timepiece for the nice on Santa's list, would have to be the Rolex Day-Date with a green dial.

Rolex Presidents Day-Date with Green Dial

This yellow gold masterpiece would look good under, next to, or anywhere near the Christmas tree.  The green dial is stunning and makes the diamond hour markers pop with dazzling beauty.  As if the yellow gold needs anything else to make your favorite pirate jealous.  The hour markers are surrounded by yellow gold themselves.  The fluted bezel and Presidents bracelet gives this timepiece a superior sense of luxury and dazzling beauty that is timeless. 

Frankly, whether you were on the naughty or nice list this year, rewarding yourself with a Rolex is a great way to end the year on a high note. 

Merry Christmas!!

The Best Rolex to Buy as a Gift in 2019

Rolex Submariner with Black Bezel and Black Dial

The Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner is the #1 Rolex that should be first on anyone's list.  This all steel timepiece is as durable as they come with scratch resistant sapphire crystal, 904L steel on the case and body, and even 904L steel to surround the luminescent hour markers.  It is a significant achievement for a timepiece that can also withstand deep diving pressures - showing a water resistance of 1000 feet.

Of course, not every person that wears the submariner is a diver, but there is so much more to love about this timepiece.  The black dial and bezel are stunning.  This Rolex is one of the very few that have no date window or cyclops lens to distract the viewer from its symmetrical design and overall luxury.  The luminescent hands and hour markers give the wearer extreme visibility in dark places, even if it isn't 1000 feet under the ocean.  

The Sub is powered by a 3130 calibre self-winding rotor which can wind in both directions.  It has a power reserve of approx 48 hours.  Although this unit is not sporting the new generation of high power reserve calibre rotors, the pricetag of $7500 makes this luxury timepiece a true bargain.  The resell fact is that the Submariner is also one of the best selling after market timepieces.  Often you see collectors willing to pay more for this adored Rolex model - so much so that it may even rise in price over the years rather than lose value due to age.

Rolex GMT-Master II with Pepsi Dial

The GMT-Master II

The GMT-Master was designed in 1955 to show the time in two different time zones simultaneously.  It became one of the most popular Rolex timepieces for businessmen, airline pilots and performers that would crisscross the globe.  The GMT-Master II was launched in 1982 with many enhancements including a new movement.

The two-color "Pepsi" bezel is instantly recognizable.  It is made with a 24-hour rotatable scratch-resistant ceramic which retains its dazzling colors over time.  The highly legible 24-hour hand with red arm and luminescent triangle tip, provides easy readability of the 2nd time zone.  As you approach a new zone, you can rotate the bezel to the next timezone hour, while keeping access to your home timezone.  The two tone bezel also adds another utility, that clearly marks the daytime and night-time hours.  

The GMT-Master II is listed at $9,250.  Although it is more expensive than the Rolex Submariner, the new GMT-Master II might just be worth the extra money.  It features a 3285 calibre self-winding movement with the new 70 hour power reserve.  Although it might not support waterproofness to 1000 feet, it does support a respectable 330 feet of depth with its triplock triple waterproofness system on its screw-down crown.  The cyclops lens gives additional readability to its other great feature - a date window at the 3 o'clock position.  

The GMT-Master also is highly collectible in after market sales.  Collectors and travelers alike would enjoy the independent rapid-setting of the hour hand.  Undoubtedly the Red and Blue bezel is one that will grab the attention of any passerby.  Also the new Jubilee bracelet has an impeccable beauty with its comfortable and eye-catching five-piece links.

Rolex Daytona with Black Dial and Black Bezel

The Rolex Daytona

The most sought after and coveted Rolex timepiece today is the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona.  This model is the Oystersteel model going for $12,400.  Built with the 904L steel alloy, this is timepiece that is built to last.  The black dial with red Daytona etched on above the 6 o'clock dial lets you know that this is more than just any timepiece.  This is a timepiece built for speed.  The sweep seconds hand gives you an accurate reading of 1/8 a second.  There are two counters on the dial that can display the laps time in hours and minutes.  The pushers on the side allow you to start and stop the chronograph with a clear click of a stopwatch.  When not in use, these pushers can be screwed down, protecting the waterproofness of the timepiece to 330 feet.

The new 4130 movement provides a center hour, minute and seconds hands.  There is a small seconds at the 6 o'clock position, a 30 minute counter at the 3 o'clock position and a 12 hour counter at the 9 o'clock position.  The new movement extends the power reserve to 72 hours.  

The Rolex Daytona is worth the investment if you can afford it.  The Daytona brand has almost challenged the Rolex brand itself, with at least one Daytona's even selling for over 16 million.  

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