Noah Mills Wears a Rolex in Man of the World Editorial

March 18, 2016

In issue No. 15 of Man of the World magazine, Noah Mills is photographed by fashion photographer Guy Aroch wearing a platinum Rolex Datejust. The model is styled by Allan Kennedy in his photographic interpretation of the life of a gigolo. 

Model Noah Mills Wearing a Rolex Datejust in Man of the World Magazine (photo:
In the photo above from the editorial entitled 'Love Me Tender' Mills wears a jean shirt under a gray suit with the sleeves rolled up just enough to let the Rolex peek out. The lighting and exposed brick outside the window combined with the rolled up sleeves give this photograph a late seventies, early eighties look.

Man of the World is a quarterly publication started in 2012 by Alan Maleh. The men's magazine features content ranging from style and travel to art and culture. Their online store features a nice selection of timepieces, including several Rolexes for those who enjoy vintage watch shopping.


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