Rolex at Baselworld 2016

March 23, 2016

photo of the entrance to baselworld 2016 basel switzerland
Entrance to Baselworld 2016
For watch collectors, horology enthusiasts and jewelry lovers, Baselworld 2016 offers a first look at the curated creations that watchmakers and jewelers will be rolling out over the next year. This year, Rolex presents several new configurations of their most popular models, including the buzzed about 2016 Daytona with the black and white dial (photo below).

Picture of show card for 2016 baselworld in basel switzerland
Show Card Baselworld 2016
The annual event takes place in Basel, Switzerland, and allows attendees to get up close and personal with unique and coveted timepieces before they are available for purchase. It isn't necessary to be on the market for a new luxury timepiece to enjoy Baselworld, however. One could spend hours appreciating the achievements of these world renowned luxury brands.

Rolex at Baselworld 2016
Rolex has received a lot of attention for bringing back the classic white dial that catapulted their Cosmograph Daytona model into the spotlight in the 1960s. Made famous by actor and race car driver Paul Newman, this is one of the company's most talked about models. The 2016 Daytona is also available with a black or blue dial in white gold and there is also a yellow gold version with a green dial. 

2016 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona white dial black bezel paul newman
2016 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona with White Dial at Baselworld 2016
photo of Rolex display at Baselworld 2016 with Cosmograph daytona black dial
2016 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona with black dial  at Baselworld 2016

Baselworld 2016 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona display yellow gold green dial white gold blue dial
2016 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona in White and Yellow Gold at Baselworld 2016
I find the yellow gold Yacht-Master II on the right hand side of the photo below particularly beautiful. The combination of yellow gold with the blue bezel and white dial is timeless and 
complimentary to the grandeur of this wristwatch.

Baselworld 2016 rolex display yacht-master II rose gold white gold yellow gold
Rolex Yacht-Master II Display at Baselworld 2016

The GMT-Master II is displayed in gold with either a black or green dial. This is another instance where Rolex has chosen excellent color combinations to represent their professional wristwatches. The oyster bracelet and black ceramic bezel give the GMT-Master II a sporty (and utilitarian) quality. This yellow gold configuration is sophisticated and can easily transition from days to night in terms of styling.

2016 Baselworld Rolex display GMT Master 2 yellow gold with green dial and black dial
Yellow Gold Rolex GMT-Master II display at Baselworld 2016
Rolex refers to the combination of 904L stainless steel and platinum as 'Rolesium' and this combination is available on the new 2016 Yacht-Master. The display below shows the 37mm version next to the 40mm of the model with a dark rhodium dial. The cool tones of the Rolesium and dark rhodium compliment the turquoise second hand of this icy watch. 

photo of rolex display baselworld 2016rolesium yacht-master dark rhodium dial stainless steal platinum
2016 Rolex Yacht-Master at Baselworld 2016
A 2016 version of Rolex's Explorer model was released with an entirely luminescent display. Perhaps the most simple of the professional models, the Explorer's blue luminescence makes it one of the easiest watches to read in the light and in the dark. Its straightforward design makes it the ideal choice for someone who wants to wear a Rolex but does not want to make a big fuss about it.

photo of Rolex Explorer Display at Baselworld 2016
2016 Rolex Explorer Model at Baselworld 2016
Baselworld 2016 will come to an end on March 24th, but the timepieces and jewelry that were launched at the event will be talked about (and blogged about) for the next year. For more information about Rolex's new models, visit their official website and check out my favorite configurations blog entry.


Basel SBB Train Station in Basel, Switzerland

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