Where are Rolex Watches Made?

11:21 AM

All Rolex watches are manufactured in Switzerland at four sites located in Geneva and Bienne. The Bienne site is their newest, completed in 2012. The other three sites, Acacias, Plan-les-Ouates and Chêne-Bourg, are located in Geneva. 

Photo of Rolex World Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland
Rolex World Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland (photo: Rolex/Cédric Widmer)
Each Rolex site is dedicated to different aspects of their wristwatch production. Their world headquarters are located in the Acacias site. This building houses management, research and development, design, communications, sales, service and quality control.

The Plan-les-Ouates location is where the cases and bracelets are made. This is also the location of Rolex's gold foundry, where they make their own gold and other proprietary materials used for their cases and bracelets. At Chêne-Bourg, the watchmaker focuses on dial production as well as gem setting and jewelry.

Photo of Light Wells of Bienne Site
Light Wells of Bienne Site (photo: Rolex/Roger Frei)
The Bienne site is where Rolex manufactures their movements. The building features a modern architectural design aesthetic incorporating natural light, solar energy and geometry. Aside from that, it is yet another step toward complete vertical integration of their production processes. The site currently employs over 2,000 people, which may surprise those who think that most of their production is completed by robots.


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