Rolex Ringlock System

May 18, 2016

The Rolex Deepsea model has a depth rating of 3,900 meters due, in part, to its patented Ringlock case architecture. After spending years conducting research and sending experimental dive watches into the deepest parts of the ocean, the watchmaker has come up with a system that allows the case to sustain the massive pressure placed upon it in the deep. 

Diagram of Rolex Deepsea's Ringlock System (source: Rolex)
Diagram of Rolex Deepsea's Ringlock System (source: Rolex)
The diagram above shows all of the elements of the Ringlock system. The middle case is stamped out of a solid block of 904L stainless steel and is equipped with a Triplock winding crown. Inside the case is a 5.5 mm thick domed sapphire crystal with a crystal gasket. Responsible for withstanding the water pressure, a nitrogen-alloyed steel compression ring sits under the crystal. Underneath, a grade 5 titanium case back is held against the case by a screw-down case back ring.

The helium escape valve is also a component of protecting the case in the deep. Helium enters the case in the deep and this valve allows it to escape without damaging the case on the way back up. All Deepsea models go through rigorous waterproof testing in a hyperbaric tank designed by Rolex with COMEX before being released into the market.


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