Which Rolex Models Come With Leather Straps?

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You may have seen photos of your favorite Rolex model on a leather strap on Instagram, as there are many companies that sell aftermarket straps that fit most watches. However, you can only buy a handful of Rolex models with a leather strap direct from the watchmaker. The photo below shows a few of their 2016 leather model configurations. 
Rolex Sky-Dweller, Cellini Date and Cosmograph Daytona Models on Leather Strap
Introduced in 2012, the Sky-Dweller model is available in 18 karat white, yellow or Everose gold with either an Oyster bracelet or alligator leather strap. The yellow gold configuration is shown above on brown leather. The leather strap is equipped with a folding Oyterclasp and 5mm Easylink extension system for additional comfort. The Everose gold Sky-Dweller is also available on a brown leather strap and the white gold configuration with a black leather strap.

Rolex's entire Cellini line of comes on leather straps in either black, brown or blue, like the Cellini Date shown in the photo above. The Cellini line is unique in that they do not use the Oyster case that all of their other models use. The Cellini case is slim and more circular than the Oyster case, making it the ideal watch to wear with a suit. Also available on a leather strap from Rolex is their famed Cosmograph Daytona model. Their 18 karat gold models come with either an Oyster bracelet or a black alligator leather strap.

Rolex Day-Date 36 on Green Leather Strap
Rolex's Day-Date 36 models on leather strap are available in a variety of color configurations. The yellow gold version is shown on a green strap with green dial in the photo above. The white gold Day-Date 36 is available on a blue strap and the Everose gold on brown leather. In addition to the Day-Date, Rolex offers their Datejust 36 on pink and white leather straps.

The models mentioned above are the only ones that are currently available on a leather strap manufactured by Rolex. There are vintage and pre-owned models from previous years that you can find on a leather strap, but if you are looking to purchase a Rolex on a leather strap, I would recommend calling the company directly to make sure that the strap was issued by them on the original timepiece. If you buy a pre-owned Rolex with an aftermarket leather strap, you will not be able to purchase an Oyster, President or Jubilee bracelet from them in the future, as you must have the original bracelet issued by Rolex in order to be able to purchase a replacement from them.


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