Did You Know Rolex Partnered with TED to Develop their "Surprise Me" App?

March 15, 2017

Rolex-Sponsored 'Surprise Me' TED App (photo: TED)
Rolex's emphasis on innovation goes beyond the production of their wristwatches. Since 2007, Rolex has partnered with TED to provide an innovative approach to help people discover ideas worth spreading. The "Surprise Me" feature on TED's iOS application is the result of this partnership.

TED is a nonprofit that began in 1984 as a conference where topics pertaining to technology, entertainment and design were discussed. Today, their talks range in topics and languages, with the only caveat being that they run no longer than 18 minutes. They have also spawned independent events, known as TEDx events, that take place across the globe.

The "Suprise Me" app allows you to enter what type of talks you would like to listen to, from inspiring to funny, beautiful to courageous. You then select how much time you have to watch or listen, a feature that ties in an element of Rolex's brand. The time limit is also ideal for people who have busy lives as well, something common amongst the watchmaker's customer base.

While this is a low-key partnership for Rolex, especially considering that they just sponsored the 89th Academy Awards, it represents the company's interest in promoting global citizenship. To check out the app and learn more about TED, visit ted.com.


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