What Would You Like to See from Rolex in 2017?

December 30, 2016

With 2016 coming to an end, the Internet is abuzz with predictions for which models Rolex will update and introduce at Baselworld 2017. As a creative professional, I have indulged some of my own ideas with Photoshopped concepts and shared them on this blog. While the likelihood of many of these concepts coming to life may be slim, I always prefer to err on the side of imagination. 
Rolex Bronze Explorer II Concept
The image above is a bronze Explorer II that I put together to express my desire for a new and bold Explorer configuration. Since they currently don't offer Explorer models in any material other than stainless steel, I figure it wouldn't hurt to introduce a bronze version. Check out my post on this concept for more information on why I think a bronze Rolex would be a great addition to their professional collection.

Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000
I put together a post with my 2017 Rolex model update predictions that focuses on their past behavior in terms of model updates. The most likely prediction is a 50th anniversary model update for the Sea-Dweller 4000. There are a couple other models with anniversaries and I also list other factors that may influence the watchmaker's model updates, like sizes and materials.
Rolex Oysterflex Bracelet 
One of the innovations that I feel will most likely be introduced on new model configurations is the Oysterflex bracelet shown in the photo above. With the popularity of rubber straps for Rolex watches, it makes perfect sense for the watchmaker to capitalize off the trend by offer more rubber strap models in addition to the Everose gold Yacht-Master that is currently offered with the Oysterflex.

Blacked Out Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Concept
Another concept that I chose to bring to life is a blacked out Sea-Dweller 4000. Although this would be a big move for the watchmaker, who usually maintains a classical aesthetic on their wristwatch models, I feel that it is entirely in their wheelhouse considering that they already use a PVD coating on their Tudor Heritage Black Bay Dark. It may be pie in the sky, but it doesn't hurt to dream.

When it comes to making predictions, I find that it is more important to express my desire than try to be dead on. We lose nothing by letting the watchmaker know which models we love, which we think could use an upgrade and what we want our Rolex watches to look like in the future.

Regardless of what we see at Baselworld 2017, I hope that their model updates combine the precision and innovation Rolex is known for with an emboldened aesthetic that incorporates some of the aspects of their Tudor brand that we have come to love. The only question left for me to ask going into the new year is: what would you like to see from Rolex in 2017?


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