Rolex Celebrates Throwback Thursdays With Videos of Vintage Watches

3:58 PM

The #tbt hashtag used on social media platforms like Instagram is used to feature 'Throwback Thursday" posts. Though Rolex takes a very hands-off approach when it comes to traditional marketing techniques, they have been posting #tbt videos on their official Instragram account of their most famous models. I have embedded videos below that show vintage versions of the Submariner, Explorer and Day-Date watches. 
#TBT First Rolex Submariner, Day-Date and Explorer Models
If you find the videos below a bit short, you can take a look at the original watches in the photo above. These are arguably three of the most popular Rolex models, save the Daytona and GMT, so it is interesting to see a vintage version in working condition, even if just for a few seconds.

The yellow gold Day-Date above looks like the original from 1956. Click here for more information on the first gold Day-Date, known as the 'Presidents' Watch.'.

The Submariner above from 1973 looks like the Reference 5513 used in the James Bond film 'Live and Let Die.'

Finally, the Rolex Explorer was released in 1953 and has not changed much since its debut. To find out when all of your favorite Rolex models were released, check out the Historical Timeline on this blog or visit


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