Rolex Turn-O-Graph Reference 6202

December 28, 2016

Rolex Turn-O-Graph Reference 6202 (photo: Phillips)
One of the first Rolex models to feature a rotating bezel, the Turn-O-Graph model (Reference # 6202) was released in 1953. It wasn't popular at the time, but this stainless steel wristwatch was the predecessor to the brand's most famous professional models, including the Submariner. The 6202 shown in the photo above was part of the Rolex Milestones auction held by Phillips in Hong Kong last month and sold for approximately $32,225 US.

The Turn-O-Graph above features a black lacquer dial that is still relatively shiny given its age. This model was also available with a honeycomb dial at the time, similar to that of the Explorer (Reference #6350) that also sold at the Milestones auction. Given that this model features its original dial, bezel and bracelet, it is very rare due to the fact that this model was quickly discontinued due to the popularity of the Submariner and GMT-Master in later years. The numerals have an orange patina as does the lollipop seconds hand.

What makes this reference interesting in the current market is the fact that the Turn-O-Graph model was short-lived, making vintage pieces like this hard to find. It looks so similar to the Sub and GMT that it is familiar to collectors in terms of aesthetic, but still holds its own value in its uniqueness. For more information on this model and the others sold at auction in Hong Kong, visit


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