Should I Wear My Rolex Submariner to a Black Tie Event?

December 05, 2016

If you have ever wondered if it's appropriate to wear your Rolex Submariner to a black tie event, the watchmaker has an answer for you in the "Featured Selections" section of their official website. The short answer is yes - as long as it has a black dial, that is. They have paired some of their most popular professional wristwatch models with brand ambassadors like Roger Federer and Lindsey Vonn in their formalwear to illustrate the point in the "Black Dial Meets Black Tie" photos shown below. 
Rolex "Black Dial Meets Black Tie" Featured Selections (photo: Rolex)
In my post about which Rolex model goes best with a suit, I share my feelings about wearing a professional wristwatch with formal attire. I feel that a dress watch like the Cellini makes more sense in a black tie setting. Based on the models they chose for the black tie photo shoot, it seems that Rolex is making the statement that their professional watches are appropriate for black tie affairs. Your stylist or tailor may disagree with them, but I think it makes sense for the watchmaker to elevate their aesthetic in this way. With big watches dominating the market, it is now common to find people wearing large tool watches in formal settings.

Scotsman Sir Jackie Stewart shows that it is okay to add a little flair to your formal attire, showing off his tartan plaid pants in his black tie photo. If you are still wondering if you should wear your Submariner to a black tie event, you should ask yourself what's stopping you. You can find a variety of opinions on the subject online and in print, but nobody can tell you what works best for you. If I can offer any advice, it would be to put on your tux and Rolex Submariner and stand in front of the mirror. If you think you look good, go with it. If the watch catches the cuff or creates a bulge that throws off the look, opt for a dress watch with a slim case instead.


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