Best Rolex to Wear With a Suit

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While there are many differing opinions about what type of watch looks best with a suit, there are some characteristics that make some wristwatch models more appropriate to wear in formal settings than others. I have put together a few guidelines for anyone who is interested in finding the best Rolex to wear with a suit. 

Photo of man in suit by olu eletu
Best Rolex to Wear with a Suit (photo: Olu Eletu)
Case Size
While wrist sizes vary and oversized watches are very popular these days, not all case sizes work with a suit. A Deepsea, for example, may feel fine on a 7.5 inch wrist, but the height of the 44 mm case will likely cause the watch to get caught with the cuff of the shirt creating, unsightly wrinkles. A case size of 40 mm or smaller would be more appropriate. Most watches in that range will allow the cuff of the shirt and the suit to sit perfectly on the wrist.

Generally speaking, the color of your watch should match your cuff links, belt buckle and any hardware on your belt and shoes. So, if you tend to choose belts, shoes and links in yellow gold, it would make sense to go with a yellow gold dress watch. Also, the bezel and dial color should compliment the color of the suit. Rolex offers many interesting color combinations on their wristwatch models. While a green bezel or dial may look great with everyday casual wear, it may clash with a blue suit. If you want a watch that will be able to transition from day to night, you may want to consider a black bezel and a neutral dial color.

Perhaps the most widely debated issue regarding wearing a Rolex with a suit is whether or not their professional models are appropriate to wear in formal settings. Many feel that a dive watch like a Submariner is inappropriate to wear to a formal affair. Others feel that it is totally fine as long as it matches with the suit and cuff links. Ultimately, it is up to the individual based on their personal aesthetic. However, if you attend formal events regularly and have not decided on a Rolex model yet, I would take a look at their Cellini line.

Rolex Cellini Date (photo: Rolex)
Rolex Cellini Date (photo: Rolex)
With the hype that surrounds models from their professional line, like the BLNR and Daytona, Rolex's Cellini line is often overlooked. However, it is the ideal dress watch. Most men's style blogs, like the Gentleman's Gazette, recommend the Cellini model for formal events due to its simple dial, leather band and low profile. To browse all of the current Cellini models, visit


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