Rolex Submariner Date 116610 LV

June 17, 2016

Rolex's Submariner Date is easily their most recognizable model and probably the most recognizable dive watch on the market today. The most common configuration is the LN version, with the black dial and bezel. In 2010, Rolex introduced a provocative new configuration, the LV, which is still creating discussions about its aesthetic to this day. 
Photo of Rolex Submariner Date 116610 LV or 'Hulk' (photo: Rolex)
Rolex Submariner Date 116610 LV or 'Hulk' (photo: Rolex)
Known by Rolex enthusiasts as the 'Hulk', the Submariner LV shown above came after the release of the 50th anniversary Submariner with the green bezel and black dial known as the 'Kermit' in 2003. The green configuration is unique, making many speculate that the Hulk will increase in value once Rolex stops manufacturing it.

At first glance, the juxtaposition of the green dial and bezel with the cool tone of the stainless steel seems out of place. Rolex has traditionally paired green dials with yellow gold watches, like the yellow gold Daytona they displayed at Baselworld 2016. On those models, the yellow and green compliment each other and create a nice alternative to the more common black dials.

Every few weeks a thread about the Hulk pops up in the Rolex Forums with very mixed sentiments from members. Some find the green color cheapens the Sub and are very vocal about their disdain for the configuration. Others vehemently defend it, even going as far as asking the moderators to take down the threads entirely. I have also read many reviews where people express having originally hated the model, but later changing their minds and coming to appreciate its uniqueness.

I have to admit, I didn't like the Hulk at first glance. The green-on-steel look just didn't speak to me and I had trouble understanding why people were so enthusiastic about it. However, after my eyes got used to the, what I would now call interesting color combination, I began to appreciate it. Looking at photos of the dial gleaming in the sun and seeing how it looked in wrist shots made me realize that it wasn't so much a color mistake as it was a challenge to the traditional watch aesthetic. The odd combination of colors that originally put me off about the Hulk now makes me appreciate it more. It's also nice to see a color on the dial and bezel that isn't black, white or blue.

The suggested retail price for the Hulk is 8,600 Swiss francs, or $8,957 US. It is priced approximately $500 above the LN version. To check out all the Submariner Date configurations available, visit


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