How to Report a Stolen Rolex

June 08, 2016

News stories and forum posts about stolen Rolexes pop up all the time, unfortunately. As a result, one of the responsibilities that comes with owning one of these luxury timepieces is keeping it safe. The decision to leave a Rolex in a gym locker, car glove compartment or hotel room is risky and can result in a stolen watch in some cases. Most people are aware of these risks, but not everyone knows what to do when their Rolex is stolen. 

How to Report a Stolen Rolex (photo: Matt Popovich) 
The first and most logical step (that not everyone completes) is to file a police report wherever and whenever you realize you lost it. The theft of any item worth thousands of dollars comes with criminal consequences and a Rolex is no exception. The reporting of the incident not only protects the interests of the victim, it also provides the authorities with information that may help them apprehend the perpetrator.

The other reason that it is important to file a police report is to prove to Rolex that your watch was in fact stolen and not sold or bartered if it turns up at a service center later on. This brings me to the second very important step to follow if your Rolex is stolen: give Rolex the serial number of your watch and report it stolen to them, too. In the US, you can call Rolex Watch USA Inc in New York City at 212-758-7700 and ask to be transferred to the Lost and Stolen Watch Department.

Reporting your stolen watch's serial number to Rolex will flag it in their system. If it is ever taken to a service center for maintenance or repair after that, there is a chance that you can get your watch back if you're lucky. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that it will ever turn up. While many find that insuring a luxury timepiece is expensive, it may be a good idea to do so to avoid going without one in the long run.


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