How to Set the Time on the Rolex GMT-Master II

June 22, 2016

A simple but useful function of Rolex's GMT-Master II is the 24-hour hand and bidirectional rotating bezel. While there are other models, like the Explorer II and Sky-Dweller, that allow you to tell the time in two locations simultaneously, the GMT's bezel makes the process as easy as possible - especially when traveling through multiple time zones.

Close up of Rolex GMT-Master II
Setting the 24-hour Hand to GMT Time
The benefit of the GMT being equipped with a bidirectional 24-hour bezel is that it allows you to set the 24-hour hand to GMT time once and then rotate the bezel to move between different timezones without pulling out the crown again. To set the GMT time, unwind the crown and pull it out two clicks. This will allow you to set the 24-hour hand and the minute hand to GMT time (same time zone as London).

Setting the Hour Hand 
Once GMT time is set, you can click the crown down to the first position and set the hour hand to local time or whatever time you want it set to. Once that is set, don't forget to screw the crown back in to seal the watch case.

Once the GMT time is set using the crown, you can move the bezel to reflect the time in any time zone around the globe. So, if you would like to set the 24-hour hand to your home time in New York City, you would move the bezel clockwise 5 clicks for Easter Standard Time (GMT-5). Or, if you are traveling with a layover, you can simply move the bezel to reflect the time in the layover city then move it again when you get to your destination.

You can always set the 24-hour hand without using the bezel, as would be done with the fixed bezel of the Explorer II, but setting the 24-hour hand to GMT time maximizes the potential of the GMT-Master II timekeeping functionality.


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