How to Set the Time and Date on the Rolex Sky-Dweller

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Equipped with Rolex's patented Ring Command Bezel, the Sky-Dweller model takes GMT functionality to another level. Setting each of the functions on this timepiece requires a turn of the bezel before the winding of the crown to the correct date and time. This process is explained below.

Rolex Sky-Dweller Reference # 326939 (photo: Rolex)

Setting the GMT or Reference Time
To set the GMT time on the 24-hour disc of the Sky-Dweller, you must first unscrew the winding crown and pull it out. Also, make sure that the bezel is in the home position, turned all the way to the right. Then move the bezel three clicks to the left or counterclockwise from the home position. This will allow you to set the 24-hour reference time with the winding crown.

Setting the Local Time
Once the 24-hour disc is set to your home time, you are ready to set the local time using the hour hand and the 12-hour display on the main dial. Turn the bezel one click to the right or clockwise to access the hour hand. Then wind the crown to move it to the local hour.

Setting the Date
Once the GMT time and local time are set, move the bezel one more click to the right or clockwise to set the date. There is a Saros annual calendar built into this model with a month indicator above each of the 12 hour markers. You can wind through the calendar to get the the indicator on the right month, then choose the correct day of the month.

Once the date and time are set, move the bezel one more click to the right or clockwise, returning it to the home position. Be sure to wind the crown back down to seal the case as well. If you need to make any adjustments to the time or date, simply repeat the process and move the bezel accordingly to access the desired function.


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