Are Rolex Watches Waterproof?

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Photo of Rolex Submariner (Reference # 116610LV) (photo: Rolex)
Rolex Submariner (Reference # 116610LV) (photo: Rolex)
The depth rating of a Rolex watch varies depending on its case and model. The watches in their Cellini line have the lowest depth rating, waterproof to a depth of 50 meters. All of the models in their Oyster Perpetual line have a minimum depth rating of 100 meters thanks to their hermetically constructed Oyster cases. The Submariner models feature a depth rating of 300 meters and the Rolex model with the highest depth rating is the Deepsea, waterproof to a depth of 4,000 meters.

The first wristwatch with a waterproof case, Rolex patented the screw-down case construction of their Oyster model in 1926. Today's Oyster cases are stamped out of a solid block of metal and feature a screwed down case back that requires a special tool to access the movement. All Oyster cases come with either a Twinlock or Triplock winding crown that seal the case completely with either a double or triple system of seals that keep water from leaking into the case and damaging the movement.

All Oyster cases undergo rigorous testing to make sure that they are guaranteed waterproof to their corresponding depth ratings. The watches are immersed and subjected to pressures up to 10% greater than the depth rating stated on the watch. For more information on their Oyster case, visit


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