Do You Need a Reason to Buy a Rolex?

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When it comes to making a luxury timepiece purchase, many feel that a special occasion is necessary to justify the expense, while others feel free to purchase their favorite wristwatches on a whim. There are several factors that determine when and why one would consider a big ticket item, but the question remains: do you need a reason to buy a Rolex?

Rolex Daytona 116500LN (photo: Rolex/Stephan Cooper)
In my Rolex Shopping Guide, I usually break down Rolex watches based on pricing, as most people need to budget and plan ahead of making a luxury watch purchase. I find that it's best to avoid the pitfall of falling in love with a precious metal configuration when you only have the budget for a stainless steel sports model. And even if you have all the money in the world, it still makes sense to compare models of equal value when evaluating a purchase. However, for most people being able to come up with the money isn't reason enough to pull the trigger on a Rolex.

When it comes to luxury watches, there are many great companies that compete for the attention of watch collectors and enthusiasts. Most offer great wristwatches with competitive pricing, but not every luxury watch is created equal. When it comes to retaining their value, Rolex watches are hard to beat. That's not to say they are an investment - unless you are knowledgeable and connected in the watch world, the chances that you will find a watch that's going to earn you a return above the price you paid for it are slim. Many fail to understand the difference between an item increasing in value and retaining its value when discussing watches. That's not to say they aren't a valuable asset, though.

Aside from value retention, there are other reasons to consider a Rolex purchase. Their timepieces are well made and built to last a lifetime, even more with proper care. This makes them wonderful heirlooms for your children. The company's continued focus on excellence also makes their watches symbols of success and achievement, making a Rolex purchase a great way to mark an accomplishment. The style factor should not be overlooked, either, as a luxury wristwatch elevates one's aesthetic effortlessly.

Everyone has their own individual reasons for buying a Rolex, but do you need a reason at all? As much as I like to carefully plan all of my purchases, I have to say that the best reason to buy a Rolex is no reason at all. There is a pleasure in purchasing a beautiful watch that supersedes any logical reasoning attached to the transaction. Luxury purchases will always seem illogical to some, so my recommendation is to spend less time trying to rationalize your luxury watch purchase and more time enjoying the experience of wearing the watch on your wrist.


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