Rich Kids of London Use Rolex Watches to Troll Instagram

September 26, 2016

Rich Kids of London on Instagram 
Amassing a following of over 150k followers in less than a year, Rich Kids of London is an Instagram account that posts photos of young British kids flaunting their parents' wealth. While many who are born to privilege prefer a lower public profile, these young Brits post photos of private planes and sports cars with cheeky captions about what their daddies' money can buy them. With the success of many troll accounts on the social media platform over the past few years, it was only a matter of time before one of them focused on the absurdities of youth and privilege.

When they're not pouring bottles of champagne into a jacuzzi or eating cereal over their iMac screens, they spend time placing their Rolex watches at the bottom of the toilet for a photo op, as you can see on their feed. Most of the photos feature cars, planes, bottles and watches with similar comments. While these photos may be insulting to people who have to work hard to afford such luxuries, it is clear that those posting them are looking for passionate reactions, as the definition of internet trolling suggests.

While controversial accounts like this will always be a part of the internet landscape as long as there is an element of anonymity involved, the notion of gaining popularity by mocking inherited wealth with frivolous photographs is certainly telling of the times. Technically speaking, posing next to a fancy car or pouring champagne on a luxury watch doesn't mean you're wealthy. It just means you're a special kind of person. This personality type has gone by many names over the years but most of those names are too vulgar to publish here so, for now, we can just call them Rich Kids of London.

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