Which Rolex Model is Right for Me?

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Once you've decided on purchasing a Rolex, the next question would be - which model is right for you? Personal style, budget, functionality and size are a few of the factors that go into deciding between Rolex models.

Which Rolex Model is Right for Me? (photo: Leandro Puca)
Personal style is probably the most important factor that goes into this decision. If you're like most people, you wear your wristwatch on a daily basis, so you should consider how a watch would look on your wrist transitioning from work to social settings, outdoors, formal events, etc. In the Style section of this site, I include photos of people wearing their watches in different situations to give you an idea of who is wearing what and how.

Size is also an important deciding factor. When browsing timepieces on websites, it's hard to imagine how they would look on your wrist without a point of comparison. I have added a Model Comparison section to show how different models measure up against each other.

Although most people don't use professional watches as tools for their trades, their functionality is still important. People who travel a lot may put the GMT's 24 hour hand to good use. If you're into racing cars, the Daytona's tachymetric scale may better suit your needs.

photo of GMT-Master II Model Display at Baselworld 2016
GMT-Master II Model Display at Baselworld 2016
Ultimately, though, whatever model you chose has to fit into your budget. New Rolex Models range from approximately $5,000 US to upwards of $100,000 US depending on the model and configuration. I include Rolex's suggested retail price in most model posts. If it is not listed in the post, it's because I haven't been able to verify the price using primary sources.


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