Will Apple Watch Sales Affect Rolex's Bottom Line?

April 28, 2016

Apple Watches
With the introduction of the Apple Watch, many reports have pitted the wearables against Rolex watches. The temptation to bring Rolex into the conversation is clearly based on the company's international profile. Along with Apple, it is one of the most reputable companies in the world. However, that doesn't justify a comparison of Rolex wristwatches to smart watches.

There are luxury watchmakers that are entering the smart watch market, like Tag Heuer. A comparison of one of their smart watches to the Apple watch would make sense. But the idea that Apple's watches are eating into Rolex's bottom line in a stretch. The Swiss watchmaking industry hasn't been doing great, but the watches they are selling are the lower priced tool watches in stainless steel, the same segment people speculate will be affected by smart watch sales.

Only time will tell is smart watches will take hold of the pockets of younger generations. With the pricing of luxury Swiss watches making them out of reach for Millennials, it may just be a temporary budgetary issue. 

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