Rolex 4161 Movement

April 07, 2016

Caliber 4161 is a self-winding mechanical chronograph movement manufactured in house by Rolex for their Yacht-Master II model. Based on the 4130 movement used in the Cosmograph Daytona model, the 4161 movement interacts with the Ring Command Bezel to set the regatta timer built into the Yacht-Master II

photo of rolex's caliber 4161 movement
Rolex 4161 Movement (photo: Rolex)

35,000 hours went into manufacturing the 4161 movement. Rolex uses UV-LiGA microsystem technology to produce some of the tiny components that go into this movement. It is fitted with the blue Parachrom hairspring and Perpetual rotor, both proprietary components of the watchmaker. 

This movement makes the regatta timer functions of the Yacht-Master II possible. The programable mechanical countdown features synchronization on the fly. By hitting one of the pushers, one can reset the countdown to synchronize it with the official time of the regatta, allowing skippers to take off on time and avoid penalties or delays. 

With a 72 hour power reserve, the 4161 combines innovation with functionality to create a truly superlative chronometer from Rolex.


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