Does Rolex Make Their Own Gold?

April 27, 2016

Consistent with their vertically integrated business model, Rolex manufactures gold in their own foundry at their Plan-les-Ouates site in Geneva, Switzerland. This allows them to control the composition of the gold alloys used in their wristwatches. 

Photo of Rolex 18 karat Gold
Rolex 18 karat Yellow Gold (photo: Rolex)
Rolex adds silver, copper and other elements to 24 karat gold in different proportions to get either a white, yellow or rose gold alloy. The elements are fused at over 1000ºC, then the molten alloy goes through a graphite sieve to create small beads that are then fused into rods and stretched and rolled. The parts are then stamped out of the sheets and polished to be fitted onto the corresponding timepieces.

Rolex patented their rose gold alloy, called Everose, in 2005. They closely guard the composition of this alloy to maintain the exclusivity of their pink gold. They refer to the combination of gold with their 904L stainless steel as Rolesor, a name that was patented in 1933.


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