Every Rolex Tells a Story: Sylvia Earle

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Every Rolex Tells a Story: Sylvia Earle (photo: Rolex)
Sylvia Earle is a marine biologist on a mission to save the ocean. She has been exploring the ocean and advocating for its protection for decades. Her Rolex-sponsored global initiative, Mission Blue, works to engage the public to support the protection of Hope Spots around the world. Hope Spots are areas of the ocean that are critical to the health of the ocean.

Rolex recently added Earle to their Every Rolex Tells a Story section. She made her first Rolex purchase after seeing one on a fellow diver while in the Florida Keys. The underwater capability combined with the watch's classic elegance made it ideal for an ocean explorer that also attends formal events. Earle is also supportive of Rolex's involvement with exploration and excellence.

In the TED Talk below, the marine biologist expresses her wish that we protect Earth's blue heart, the ocean. In it she expresses the importance of exploring the Mariana Trench, something that fellow Rolex owner James Cameron did a few years later, taking the Rolex Deepsea Challenge along for the ride. Rolex is also a partner of TED, helping them develop features on their "Surprise Me" app.

Visit rolex.com to check out Sylvia Earle's story and Rolex timepiece. To support Mission Blue with a donation or to learn more about how they are working to protect the ocean, visit mission-blue.org.


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