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After much anticipation and speculation about what Rolex would present at Baselworld 2017, we can now look back at their new model introductions with a critical eye. There have been mixed reviews about their 2017 model configurations, as is usually the case, but most of the updates have been well-received by enthusiasts. The watchmaker didn't actually introduce any new models this year. Instead, they focused their presentation on new material configurations, mostly in combinations of stainless steel and precious metals.

The 2017 Rolex watch models come at a lower price point than configurations introduced in years past. This comes after the watchmaker made pricing available on their website for their most modestly-priced timepieces. It is clear that they are taking a pragmatic approach to making money while the Swiss watch market has seen years of decline in wristwatch sales. Stainless steel configurations offer the best opportunity for Rolex to take care of their bottom line while sales of precious metal timepieces remain stagnant.

I have posted live photos of the Rolex stand at Baselworld and information about their new model introductions previously. Price guides for the 2017 Sky-Dweller and Daytona configurations are available in the Rolex Shopping Guide section. I have consolidated all of the information coming out of the trade show below for a comprehensive look at the 2017 models including new features and pricing.

2017 White Rolesor Rolex Sky-Dweller

2017 White Rolesor Rolex Sky-Dweller (Reference # 326934)
There weren't too many rumors or predictions about the Sky-Dweller model leading up to Baselworld this year. Rolex's decision to change it up came as a welcomed surprised to enthusiasts around the world. Dealers are already creating waiting lists for the white Rolesor version shown in the photo above. Time will tell if the fervor for this configuration will match that of last year's ceramic Daytona, but for now it is safe to say that the 2017 Sky-Dweller is the runaway hit from the international trade show.

New Features & Options
The 2017 Sky-Dweller model configurations feature the same Calibre 9001 self-winding mechanical movement that the precious metal versions do. Their functionality, therefore, remains the same. However, the display and materials have been modified to make way for a set of two-tone Rolesor configurations. In addition to white Rolesor, there are also yellow gold two-tone versions available with either white, black, blue or champagne dials. The hour markers are now rectangular and the dial color is uniform with the off-center 24-hour disc.

I have added pricing for every 2017 Sky-Dweller configuration, including precious metals, in a price guide for easy price comparisons. The white Rolesor version shown in the photo above is the most affordable, priced at $13,700 (suggested retail price in USD, may vary from dealer to dealer around the world).

2017 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona on Oysterflex

2017 Rolex Daytona on Oysterflex (Reference #116518LN)
One of the predictions that was prevalent early this year was the addition of the Oysterflex elastomer bracelet to new model configurations in 2017. My guess was that it would be featured on the 50th Anniversary Sea-Dweller, but as it turns out the precious metal Daytona configurations were the ones to see an Oysterflex configuration this year. The Cerachrom ceramic bezel insert that was added to the stainless steel Daytona last year was also added to the new precious metal versions.

New Features & Options
The Rolex Daytona on Oysterflex is available in yellow gold, white gold or Everose gold. All of the Oysterflex configurations come with the black Cerachrom bezel insert that displays the tachymeter. A gold Oysterlock safety clasp is featured on the elastomer bracelet for security. The Everose version is available with either an ivory, black, chocolate brown or pink dial.

I created a pricing guide for every 2017 Daytona model, including the yellow gold Oysterflex configuration shown above, priced at $26,200. With the addition of the rubber watchband, there are now precious metal Daytona models at a more affordable price to the consumer.

2017 Rolex Yacht-Master II

2017 Rolex Yacht-Master II (Rerence #116680)
To say that Rolex introduced a new Yacht-Maser II configuration in 2017 would be a bit of an exaggeration. Like they did to the Explorer model last year, the watchmaker improved the display of the YM2. It is a minimal change that yields maximum results, however. As you can see in the lume photos I posted previously, the Chromalight display has benefited greatly from this tweak and the end user will benefit from it in the end.

New Features & Options
The hands of the previous Yacht-Master II model were swapped our for the Mercedes-shaped hands characteristic of most Rolex professional models. The small, square hour markers were enlarged and the marker at 12 o'clock is now triangular with the 6 o'clock marker rectangular. This allows the wearer to better tell the time in the dark with minimal design changes to the original model. All other features and options remain the same.

The good news for consumers is that the minimal changes made to this model come at no additional cost. The pricing for all Yacht-Master II models remain the same, with the stainless steel Yacht-Master II shown retailing for approximately $17,800.

2017 Rolex Sea-Dweller 50th Anniversary Edition

2017 50th Anniversary Rolex Sea-Dweller (Reference #126600)
The most talked-about model prior to Baselworld was certainly the Sea-Dweller. With the 50th anniversary of its introduction celebrated in 2017, it was a no-brainer that there would be a new edition this year. However, the modifications to this model were surprising to most. I compared the new version to the previous model in a post that lists the differences between the configurations in detail. Even though most people wouldn't have predicted the updates, they are welcomed by most, with the exception of those who have issues with the Cyclops magnifying lens.

New Features & Options
The addition of the Cyclops magnifying lens was one of the most surprising new features on the 2017 Sea-Dweller. The Deepsea and Sea-Dweller models have never featured date magnification in previous years. The case was upsized to 43mm, just 1mm smaller than the Deepsea in diameter now. The name is colored in red on the dial in homage to the 1967 introductory model configuration.

The suggested retail price for the 2017 50th Anniversary Sea-Dweller is $10,800. This puts it over $2,000 more expensive than the Submariner Date and about $700 less expensive than the Deepsea.

2017 White Rolesor Rolex Datejust 41

2017 White Rolesor Rolex Datejust 41 (Reference #126334)
The classic Rolex Datejust is now available in a combination of white gold and 904l stainless steel with a case diameter of 41mm. The combination of steel and white gold with a blue dial was a common theme at the Rolex stand, with Sky-Dweller and Oyster Perpetual models also featuring the color combination.

New Features & Options
The Datejust was presented as shown above and also with diamond hour markers and Jubilee bracelets. One of the most important new features on this model is not aesthetic, though. A new Calibre 3235 now gives this model a 70 hour power reserve, increased from 48 hours in previous model years.

The Datejust 41 shown above is priced at approximately $8,900. This is the most varied model, however, so pricing on different configurations varies accordingly.

2017 Stainless Steel Rolex Lady-Datejust 28

2017 Rolex Lady-Datejust 28 (Reference #279160)
According to Vogue magazine, pink is the hottest color amongst Millennials. Rolex isn't in the habit of capitalizing off of watch trends, but their latest Lady-Datejust 28 configuration offers a pink dial at a price that is somewhat affordable to younger consumers. Like the Datejust 41, it is available in 904l stainless steel and white gold as shown in the photo above.

New Features & Options
When it comes to the Datejust, there are more options available than with any other Rolex model. It is also the most varied in terms of case sizing, with cases as small as 28mm and as large as 41mm. It is no longer available in 26mm, though. The only model available in that size is now the stainless steel Oyster Perpetual. The Lady-Datejust 28 benefits from a new generation Calibre 2236 featuring a Syloxi hairspring.

The Lady-Datejust 28 in white Rolesor retails for about $6,000. Depending on the configuration, however, the prices go up to $54,300.

2017 Gem-Set Rolex Yacht-Master 40

2017 Gem-Set Rolex Yacht-Master 40 (Reference #116695 SATS)
The gem-set Yacht-Master 40 shown above is the most unique model configuration introduced at Baselworld. It has been met with confusion by enthusiasts and dealers. Some even liken the aesthetic of the rainbow-colored gems that cover the bezel to Candy Crush. While brands like Moschino embrace the likeness of the colorful video game, it seems a bit out of place for Rolex, especially on the rose gold Yacht-Master 40. This configuration is likely designed to appeal to shoppers in Dubai and other areas that embrace diamond and gems on their timepieces.

New Features & Options
The only new feature on this configuration is the addition of the 32 sapphires, 8 tsavorites and triangular diamond onto the bezel of the Yacht-Master model that was originally introduced in 2015.

There is no price listed for this configuration in the official price guide provided by the watchmaker. It is not listed on their official website, either. The price is likely available upon request.

2017 Rolex Cellini Moonphase

2017 Rolex Cellini Moonphase (Reference #50535)
The Cellini Moonphase shown above is the pièce de résistance of the 2017 Rolex models. It features a beautiful display that harkens back to the mid-twentieth century. The moonphase indicator is colored in deep blue to contrast with the white dial. The case, hands and markers are made from Everose gold and the strap comes in dark brown alligator leather. It is secured by a gold Cronclasp in 18 ct Everose gold.

New Features & Options
While there is only one option for the new Moonphase, it certainly meets the needs of anyone looking for a classic dress watch with a low profile and vibrant display. The moon appliqué is made using a rhodium-plated meteorite. This makes the pattern of each one unique, as the material used is not found on earth. Another excellent addition to this model is the date displayed around the circumference of the dial and indicated by a light blue date hand.

The Cellini Moonphase is priced at $25,500. It is the most expensive of the collection, which is priced in the $15,000 to $20,000 range.

Rolex has added most of these models to their official website at, with the exception of the gem-set Yacht-Master 40. You can watch short videos of each model on their YouTube channel and other official social media accounts. While the 2017 models are ready for viewing, they will not hit dealers for purchase before the summer. However, if you are interested in any of the more popular configurations, it would be wise to call your trusted Authorized Dealer and place your name on the list for it. After all, there are still people waiting to get their hands on the ceramic Daytona introduced at Baselworld 2016.


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