Sea-Dweller 4000 vs 50th Anniversary Sea-Dweller Model Comparison

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Sea-Dweller 4000 vs 50th Anniversary Sea-Dweller Model Comparison
Sea-Dweller 4000 (left) vs  50th Anniversary Sea-Dweller (right)
The arrival of the 50th Anniversary Rolex Sea-Dweller model in 2017 signals a departure from previous model configurations. The model used to share similarities to the Submariner, but now is closer to the Deepsea in case size. However, some aspects of the Sub have made their way onto the Sea-Dweller, giving it an interested cross-section of characteristics from both of Rolex's most popular dive watches.

2017 Sea-Dweller Case Size & Aesthetic Updates

The previous Sea-Dweller 4000 model shared the same 40mm case size as the Submariner. In its new configuration, the case size has been increased to 43mm in diameter, a difference of just 1mm from the 44mm case of the Deepsea. The model name is now colored red, a design element pulled from the original SD model introduced in 1967. Perhaps the most controversial aesthetic update to this model is the addition of the Cyclops magnifying lens over the date aperture at 3 o'clock. Some appreciate the magnification while other find the glare distracting and prefer models without the iconic innovation.

Movement, Power Reserve & Pricing

In its 50th Anniversary edition, the Sea-Dweller is powered by a new-generation Calibre 3235, replacing the Calibre 3135 in the previous model. The new self-winding mechanical movement, manufactured by the watchmaker, increases the power reserve from 48 hours to 70 hours. This reserve is greater than both the current Submariner and Deepsea models. These improvements come at a price, though. The previous SD4K had a suggested retail price of 9,900 Swiss francs while this new configuration (Reference # 126600) has a suggested retail price of 10,800 Swiss francs.


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