Every Rolex Tells a Story: James Cameron's Submariner

3:52 PM

Every Rolex Tells a Story: James Cameron (photo: Rolex)
While the world knows James Cameron as the Oscar winning director of blockbusters like Titanic and Avatar, the filmmaker and Rolex Testimonee also has a passion for exploration that is expressed in the watchmaker's latest addition to their Every Rolex Tells a Story series.

In one of the most interesting entries to date, Cameron shares the story of a stainless steel Submariner that he wore during the filming of Terminator 2 through is Oscar acceptance speech for Titanic. After making the film Avatar, he felt the calling to become an activist for the rights of indigenous people around the world. His efforts took him to the Amazon where he encountered the Kayapo tribe.

His interactions with the chief of the tribe, Ropni, resulted in a relationship that changed both of their lives. Visit rolex.com to find out how his prized Submariner plays into this story. You can also watch a short video on the film career of the prolific director, released just in time to commemorate Rolex's partnership with the 89th Academy Awards.


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