Justin Theroux Wears a Gold Rolex

3:19 PM

Justin Theroux is an American actor, screenwriter and director known for his role on HBO's The Leftovers and for being romantically linked to Jennifer Aniston. He has been photographed wearing several gold Rolex models, including the gold Day-Date in the photo below. 

Justin Theroux Wearing a Gold Rolex Day-Date
More recently, Theroux has been spotted wearing a yellow gold Submariner. A shot from his Instagram account is posted below with him showing off his Sub outside of an In-n-Out Burger in Arizona. 

The actor has received praise for his portrayal of Kevin Garby in The Leftovers. Damon Lindelof, one of the shows creators, announced that the third season (currently in production) will be the final season of the series in an interview at the Peabody Awards in New York City earlier this week. 

Theroux will appear in the feature film 'Girl on the Train' set for release later this year. In addition to his recent acting roles, Theroux co-wrote Zoolander 2 and Ironman 2. 

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