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Anyone who has performed Google searches for information about Rolex watches will most likely have come across answers in Rolex forums at some point. An Internet forum, or message board, is a website where people can post and respond to different topic threads based on a shared interest. These sites are similar the AOL chatrooms that were prevalent before social media became the main way to connect with friends and family online. 

Rolex Forums (photo: Rayi Christian Wicaksono)
In conducting product research before purchasing my Rolex Deepsea, I frequented the forums to get a feel for how actual Deepsea owners felt about the watches after they had purchased them. The forums provided insights about the watches and their features that I did not find on the manufacturer's website. While opinions certainly differed, I was able to come to my own conclusions based on the types of answers that appeared on the threads. 

It wasn't until this week that I actually became a member of a forum. I decided to join because it was the forum that appeared most in my initial search results, so I grew accustomed to their format and browsing their thread topics. I have had a pleasant experience so far. They have thousands of active members who are welcoming and passionate about their timepieces. 

My only issue thus far (and I feel it is a common one based on what I have read in the forums) is that some of my posts do not get approved by the moderator for some reason. The forum offers guidelines to members stipulating the type of posts that are allowed. I feel that I followed the rules, but I suppose in time I will figure out what to post where and how. 

I would recommend this forum to anyone who is on the market for a Rolex and would like consumer information about their watches. Most of the common questions have already been answered in the forum through the years and you can find the answers by conducting a topic thread search. Those who already own a Rolex can use it to share photos, ask questions about watch maintenance and inquire about accessories. 

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