What Rolex Model do Rappers Wear?

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In any profession, buying a luxury timepiece is a symbol of status and achievement. The rap game is no different, with most of the top hip hop artists sporting the ultimate status symbol: a gold Rolex. While different rappers choose different models, there are a few configurations that are more popular amongst the superstars of the musical genre.

Jay Z Styled with a 7 Kilo Cuban Link Chain, Celine Bracelet and Yellow Gold Rolex Sky-Dweller (photo: Haute Time)
Jay Z Styled with a 5 Kilo Cuban Link Chain, Celine ID Bracelet and Gold Rolex Sky-Dweller (photo: Haute Time)
Jay Z has an extensive luxury watch collection, switching it up from the gold Rolex Sky-Dweller he was wearing above in 2013 to the new Rolex Daytona 116500LN he was spotted wearing with wife Beyonce during the NBA finals. Another rapper with a Sky-Dweller in his collection is Meek Mill, who was gifted the diamond-encrusted custom Sky-Dweller by Nicki Minaj for his birthday earlier this year. Minaj took photos wearing a custom Datejust at Meek's birthday celebration. She has also been shot wearing a yellow gold Day-Date.

Wiz Khalifa Wearing a Custom Yellow Gold Rolex (photo: scoremoreshows.com)
The Day-Date and Datejust models are popular amongst rap giants like Wiz Khalifa, Eminem, Young Thug and Tory Lanez. Young Thug was photographed for GQ wearing a custom Rolex earlier this year and Lanez wore a yellow gold President Rolex for his performance of 'Say It' on Jimmy Kimmel Live last January. Wiz Khalifa has worn a vintage yellow gold Rolex Day-Date in photo shoots for GQ and his Instagram feed. Eminem made headlines years ago for wondering if he could afford a Rolex after he achieved success as a rapper. It turned out he could and was photographed wearing a Datejust for the cover of Rolling Stone.

While there isn't one particular Rolex model that appeals to all rappers, most of the rappers I have profiled on this blog seem to prefer yellow gold Day-Date or Datejust models with President bracelets. There are those who prefer custom versions with diamonds and purists like Jay Z, who seems to prefer wearing the newest Rolex models direct from the manufacturer in their original configurations.

Yellow Gold Rolex Day-Date (photo: Rolex)
The yellow gold Rolex Day-Date in the photo above retails for approximately $33,459 USD. For more information on this configuration, click here. To see which Rolex models all of your favorite celebrities wear, check out our Celebrities Wearing Rolex Watches page. To check Rolex's entire line of wristwatches, visit rolex.com.

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