Rapper Future Wearing a Rolex in GQ with Giorgio Armani

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Atlanta rapper Future was photographed for the fall 2016 issue of GQ Style alongside fashion legend Giorgio Armani and a $2.6 Million Bugatti. The publication thought of pairing the rapper with the designer and luxury car partly because he was featured on a hit song titled 'Bugatti' by Ace Hood earlier in his career. Armani has recently designed an exclusive clothing line for Bugatti that Future is photographed wearing for the magazine. 

Future and Giorgio Armani in front of a Bugatti in GQ (photo: GQ/Nacho Alegre)
The shoot took place in the courtyard of Armani's home in Milan, where he runs an empire that includes hotels, restaurants, bookstores and cafés, all in addition to his work as a fashion designer. Many of the items from his men's line for Bugatti are priced upon request and are made from such prestigious materials as cashmere and crocodile leather. The Bugatti Chiron, shown in the photo above, boasts a top speed of 261 miles per hour, making it one of the fastest and most expensive cars in the world.

Future has earned his place among the top rappers in the world, releasing three albums that went number one on the Billboard 200 chart within a seven month period. He has worked with the top hip hop artists in the game, including DJ Khaled and Jay Z in the song 'I Got the Keys' off Khaled's latest LP Major Key. The video, linked below, shows them wearing Rolex timepieces in the black and white hit video embedded below.

MTV recently released a short documentary about Future called 'Future's Reign' in which he gives viewers an inside look at his Purple Reign tour. In recent interviews, the father of four speaks on moving back to his hometown from Beverly Hills to reconnect with family and friends, something he has missed after years on the road promoting his music.

'I know how much he suffers to be where he is. He’s suffered just like I’ve suffered. So...we’re friends in a way,' Armani told GQ about the hip hop heavyweight. For more information on the shoot and Armani's Bugatti collection, visit gq.com or pick up the fall issue of GQ Style. 

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