Should I Wear My Rolex While I Exercise?

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Rolex watches are built to last a lifetime or even longer with proper maintenance and care. All Oyster cases are waterproof up to 100 meters and made from high grade metals, including their 904L stainless steel. The bezels on their newer professional models feature Cerchrom bezel inserts that are scratch-resistant. However, just because they are designed to be virtually indestructible doesn't mean that they will not develop scratches and dings over time. 

Should I Wear My Rolex While I Exercise? (photo: Stephen Di Donato)
One of the more common questions that I come across about Rolex watch maintenance is whether or not to take it off before exercising. There are a few different variables to consider when deciding to exercise with your Rolex on. The first and most important variable to consider before taking off your watch to work out is where you will put it. Theft is a serious issue when it comes to luxury timepieces and a gym locker is not a safe place to keep your Rolex while you work out, nor is the glove compartment of your vehicle. So, if you work out after work and wear your watch to your worksite, I would keep it on at the gym to avoid having to call the watchmaker to report it stolen.

If you do have a secure place to store your Rolex while you workout, the next thing to consider is the intensity of your workout. Some people feel fine jogging or running with their watch on and rinsing the sweat off before taking a shower. However, if you incorporate high intensity elements to your training sessions that include weights, pushups or pull-ups, I would recommend taking your watch off as it is more likely to get scratched - or worse. Weights slip off of sweaty hands all the time and the crystal of your Rolex can shatter as a result.

If you are willing to risk shattering the crystal and dinging the case and bracelet of your watch with a weight, you should also consider the cost of servicing your watch prematurely due to scratches.  The more you ding it, the sooner it will need to be polished. So, even if you don't shatter the crystal, you will still be incurring an additional maintenance cost for exposing your Rolex to additional wear. With that being said, it is ultimately up to the owner of the watch to decide how to care for it. If you must work out with your watch on, I would recommend buying a rubber strap for comfort and to avoid scratching the original bracelet, which is costly to replace through the manufacturer.


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