The Most Masculine Rolex Professional Models

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What is regarded as masculine differs from culture to culture, but there are a few design characteristics that make some watches appeal to the male demographic more than others. Based on my experience, a man that wants to maintain a masculine appearance would gravitate toward a large stainless steel tool watch with a black dial. There are exceptions to this rule, of course, but generally speaking, size, color, utility and simplicity seem to be at the top of the list for men who consider themselves masculine. I have listed what I consider to be the most masculine Rolex professional watches below.

Rolex Explorer II (photo: Rolex/Justin Luebke)
There's something about the Explorer II model (Reference # 216570) that oozes masculinity. It has a 42mm case, on the larger side for Rolex, but it is more than size that makes model a favorite of manly men around the world. There is a lack of pretension in its bezel and dial that seems to appeal to those looking for a simple and straightforward watch. The dial is legible and luminous and the stainless steel case looks like it can handle a beating. If you are looking for an unassuming Rolex (as unassuming as a Rolex can be, anyway) this is the model for you. It is also priced very well given its size, making it attractive to those who want a reliable watch at a reasonable price.

Rolex GMT-Master II BLNR (photo: Rolex)
The BLNR configuration of the GMT-Master II (Reference # 116710BLNR) is one of Rolex's most popular models, coming in behind the Daytona and Submariner. While fashionable women are often photographed wearing Daytonas and Submariners, you rarely see them wearing a BLNR. Known as the 'Batman' by enthusiasts, the BLNR seems to hold a special place in the heart of men while going largely unnoticed by women. The use of blue and black on the bezel, colors generally used to market to men, may have something to do with it. However, even the BLRO configuration, with a red and blue bezel, looks masculine to me. I can't pinpoint what makes this so, but I would definitely consider the BLNR one of the most masculine Rolex models.

Rolex Deepsea (photo: Rolex/Manu Schwendener)
While many women have been photographed wearing a Rolex Deepsea (Reference # 116660), I still consider it one of the most masculine watches in the their professional collection. The case thickness makes it look bulky even on larger wrists, making it the perfect model for those who associate size with masculinity. The absence of the Cyclops magnifying lens adds an element that appeals to a lot of guys. There is also something about its depth rating that piques the interest of those who spent their youth dreaming of exploring the deep. Even though there are far more Deepsea watches in the world than deep sea divers, the ingenuity that went into creating this dive watch fills the wearer with a sense of pride and wonder that is unmatched.

There is more to masculinity than the characteristics usually attributed to men, but what appeals to most men in terms of watches is easy to see. Rolex may not release their sales and production figures, but you can look at the gray market and visit online forums to get an idea. For more information on these and other models, check out my Rolex Models page here.

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