My Favorite New Rolex Daytona - Reference 116518 LN, Black with 18 ct Gold

New Rolex Cosmograph Daytona in 18 CT Gold
Let me just first say that I absolutely love this Rolex.  Although I love many of the new Rolexes that were released at Baselworld this year and certainly many of the classic Rolexes that came before, I think this might be my favorite Rolex to date.  Certainly it is on top of my holiday wish list.

The Rolex Daytona Reference 116518 LN comes with a 4130 Calibre mechanical chronograph and bidirectional self-winding mechanism, with power reserve up to 72 hours.  Besides the hour and minute hands it has a small seconds hand at 6 o'clock, a 30 minute counter at 3 o'clock and a 12 hour counter at 9'oclock. 

This 18 ct yellow gold timepiece has Chromalight  hands, 44 total rubies and PVD coating  to facilitate long-lasting luminescence.  The case is 40mm Oyster design with chronograph pushers.  The crystal is scratch-resistant sapphire, and the watch is waterproof to 330 feet. 

I personally prefer the Oysterflex bracelet to the metal options due to the comfort fit.  It is made with high-performance elastomer and has a Oysterlock folding safety clasp in 18 ct yellow gold.  And the yellow gold and black dial and black bracelet complement each other so well.  It is truly a gorgeous masterpiece. 

To illustrate the mastery of this design, take a look at this Daytona from the side view.  The Rolex Crown is embossed in the screw-down, triplock waterproof winding crown.  It is offset on either side by the chronograph pushers.  The workmanship of the design of this Rolex is exquisite.  The engraved Rolex name is placed within the gold inner dial, allowing you to see its unmistakable Rolex brand from any angle. 

This is truly a fantastic Daytona, and one of the most popular Rolex designs on the market today.  The Daytona brand has also been a very hot after market commodity fetching outstanding gains at auction many years later. 

This design is not over the top with Diamonds or other Gems.  So, this is a wearable sports watch which can be worn for play and even when you are dressed in your finest.  Tuxedo... no problem. 

The Most Interesting Rolex From Baselworld 2017

Rolex Yacht-Master 40 - 18 CT Everrose Gold Unveiled at Baselworld 2017
Baselworld 2018 is fast approaching.  It has a reduced schedule this year, by 2 days due to several smaller vendors pulling out from the Exhibit Hall.  However, it will still be jam packed with tremendous jewelry and watch designs, thousands of vendors and a media storm of at least 5000 journalists. 

Baselworld 2018 will happen from March 22nd through March 27th in Messe Basel, Switzerland.  At only roughly $150 a ticket for the whole week, it is a great deal for soRolex Yacht-Master 40 - 18 CT Everrose Goldmeone that wants to see the latest Rolexes and other priceless timepieces and jewelry in one place. 

To commemorate this highly anticipated event, we are going to look at one of the most interesting Rolex timepieces to come out of the 2017 Baselworld event. 

This Oyster Perpetual Rolex Yacht-Master 40 Reference 116695 SATS is set with 31 jewels, including multicolor sapphires, green tsavorites, and a triangular diamond at 12 o'clock. 

The waterproof oyster case supports a depth of 330 feet and is crafted from a solid block of 18 ct Everose Gold.  The winding crown is supported by a triple waterproofness system. 

The sapphire crystal is practically scratchproof, and it comes with a Cyclops lense at 3 o'clock to facilitate the readability of the date. 

The Yacht-Master 40 is equipped with a caliber 3135, self-winding mechanical movement system providing precise and reliable time and a power reserve up to 48 hours.  Its oscillator protects against magnetic fields, temperature variations and shock. 

The black dial is offset by Chromalight appliques surrounded by 18 ct pink gold, offering long-lasting luminescence in dark environments.  The bracelet is a black Oysterflex made of high-performance elastomer and has an Oysterlock folding safety clasp in 18 ct Everose gold.

I love the color of the black dial and white Chromalight appliques.  This watch, though, seems to precious to take diving, swimming or in other activities.  Although it is built to for an active lifestyle, I feel this gem of a watch is more for wearing out and catching the attention of anyone that glimpses its adornments.  The collectability of this watch will be enhanced by the solid pink gold design.  This would surely be the only piece of jewelry a man would need.

Should Rolex Develop a Digital Watch?

Fitbit Blaze tracker with PurePulse heart rate, connected GPS and on-screen workouts - $199.99
Fitbit took the world by storm with its ability to calculate number of steps, miles walked, heart rate and so much more.  Apple and Google have extended their respective phone features on their watches as well allowing you to see emails and text messages on your wrist without needing to reach for your phone or fumble through your purse.

This year we are seeing several new players to the digital watch forum.  Besides new versions of the Fitbit and Samsung, we are seeing Michael Kors, Movodo and even Tag Heuer get into the game with some impressive digital offerings of their own.

So, it begs the question of whether Rolex should get into the Digital Watch game or not?

Source: Tag Heuer - Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 - $2,200
Before, we answer the question, let's look at some of the features of the Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45.  To the right, it is pictured a Tag Heuer watch that is built with dual compatibility for Android 4.4+ and IOS 9+.  So, if you have an Android phone (such as Samsung) or an Apple phone, you are in business.  This watch has several built in sensors which will help track an increasing number of fitness, distance and many other features for you.

  • Accelerometer, gyroscope
  • Tilt detection
  • Microphone
  • Vibrations engine
  • Ambient light sensor
  • GPS 
  • NFC Payment
It is powered by an Intel Atom Processor Z34XX and has 512 MB of memory and 4 GB of storage. The touch display supports fingerprint recognition.  Resolution is a solid 400 x 400.  The case is 45 mm across and 13.75 mm thick.  It has a 1.39 inch screen.    

Since it is a sports watch, they outfitted it with a brown leather strap with a rubber lining.  With an approx pricetag of $4,000, the Tag Heuer certainly approaching the Rolex entry level pricing. 
Movado Connect for Android/IOS - $595

The benefits of digital watches are incredible today.  Firstly, the fitness aspect of these devices are excellent.  Many of these watches also submit information to health providers with monetary incentives for hitting daily goals such as walking 10,000 steps, or climbing 10 flights of stairs.  Tracking heart rate, miles walked, sleep patterns and more can give health professionals data that could help the wearer understand healthy habits and lifestyle options that could lead to better health.

Besides the health benefits, there are utility or infinite app-based add-ons that can make the digital watch very powerful.   Reading email and texts is a huge plus.  Listening to music or getting calendar alerts are big benefits.  Being able to change the clock face to fit your color preference or style preference or even the current set of activities is where the digital watch really starts to separate from the older mechanical technology.  

For example, say you go diving and you change to the diving options of the Submariner, but later in the day you could be driving your race car around a track and would rather have your watch shift to a Daytona timepiece.  That is all possible with digital.  

Samsung Gear S3 - $349.99
The fastest growing selling point for digital watch technology is payment option.  This is just in the early stages, but many restaurants and stores are beginning to accept payment via digital device so you could eventually just leave your wallet at home. Add to that, the fact that you could eventually do away with your physical wallet, and the growth of digital currency like BitCoin, this could become the hottest reason to invest in this technology.

So, does that put timeless Rolex technology into the Model T category of less than useful gadgets in today's age.  Not at all.  Rolex devices are more than fine jewelry.  With the auto winding technology, if you don't have power to charge your digital watch, the standard Rolex lineup would wipe the pavement with digital devices that are essentially dead without a daily (or more often) charge-up.  There are too many situations where a digital watch would be worth less than a rock paperweight if power were unavailable.  

One annoyance of digital is the time-out.  When you look at your Rolex timepiece it is on.  You don't have to tap it for it to turn on.  This saves you precious seconds and certainly doesn't require 2 hands.  Try driving a race car at 180 mph and then need to tap the watch dial to turn on the watch!  Digital also heats up when it is running for an extended period of time.  Have you ever tried to run your laptop on your actual lap?  

Michael Kors Access - $350
Imagine driving, boating or just doing anything active for a long period of time.   With a Rolex timepiece you don't have to worry about charging or feel tethered to the electrical outlet.  The problem is intensified during a power outage caused by some calamity (hurricane, tornado, bad power, or worse).   It is built to last and work doing the handful of features it provides without fail and with great precision.  Many digital watches are not built with the same rigorous standards to support deep diving depths such as the Rolex Submariner.

The value of a Rolex investment is also greater - with many Rolexes currently setting all time records for prices at auction.  

The chances of a defective part in a traditional Rolex is nearly non-existent compared to the potential problems that a digital timepiece might have.  This could cause a digital watch to diminish in value or even become worthless over time.  

As technology changes, will the digital watch be able to keep up 20, 50 or even 100 years from now?  Unlikely.  

Although a digital watch today might support Android 4+ or Iphone, what happens when the next best thing comes out or newer versions of those OS's?  Does the watch lose capability or connectivity?  How many 1st Generation Iphones are still in service?

And what about the electronic parts that are provided by Intel or other brands.  If you need a replacement processor, storage or memory in 2060 for your digital timepiece, will Intel manufacture that for you? For this reason, most digital watches could be considered disposable objects rather than heirlooms that could be handed down from father to son for generations.  That poses a huge challenge for Rolex, which produces timeless works of art.  

With that said, I do believe that Rolex should get into the digital game when they can control the factors of production, integration and technology as they have done since their inception.  They have a time honored history in timepiece mastery.  The potential of what Rolex could do with their timepiece lineup is too immense to ignore.  But they have to guarantee longevity and the timeless design they are known for.  
Concept Art of what a Rolex Digital Watch might look like.  Image from: François Petit /
Add to that the fact that DATA is becoming the go to resource for every company and human being.  Without data a company will suffer and die out over time.  People that embrace data stop making gut decisions and all the other stuff that might get in the way.  All of us will be drawn into this new realm of more data. The graphic above shows how a data driven watch might use GPS to map a race track and detailed progress in terms of time, splits and speed - a big advance in tech over a standard Daytona.  A dive watch might show dive depth as well as dive time.  Yachtmaster series watches might show weather patterns or even land masses or boat traffic that may cause congestion ahead.  Maybe even sea depth, and wave height could be calculated.  And the more Rolexes people wear, the more data could be collected, providing even better data for others to use. 

Although I fully expect Rolex to embrace digital in the future, they will maintain their main line of watches for the majority of their customer base.  I also expect to see some crossover occur from the digital data people to the standard Rolex line of watches.  For example, step counting.  Why not create a dial that counts the number of steps one takes from the time it is set.  I am sure this could be developed if it doesn't already exist.  Also, I expect to see a mixture of rolex classic design, such as the hands and time clock along with a digital display or two or three.  For example, let's say on the Daytona, the three circles could have digital outputs that vary.  Or perhaps the whole back can be digital, but the clock hands remain intact.  The permutations are endless.  

However, the bottom line is that I wouldn't want to exchange my Rolex timepiece for a digital option unless Rolex was involved somehow.  Do you feel the same?

Paul Newman's Legendary Daytona Rolex Becomes the Most Expensive Watch Sold in the World - For $17.8 Million

Photo from Phillips
Paul Newman (January 26, 1925 - September 26, 2008) was one of the worlds most iconic actors famous for his long legendary history of Hollywood movie masterpieces including The Color of Money (1986), The Hustler (1961), Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969), and The Sting (1982).  He has acted alongside some of the greatest actors in history including his wife Joanne Woodward, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Robert Redford, and Elizabeth Taylor.

The younger generation may remember his voice recordings in Cars as Doc Hudson.  He has won an Emmy, an Academy Award, a BAFTA, a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Cannes Film Festival Award. 
Newman with his Daytona Rolex.  Photo Credit: Ron Galella via Getty Images

Paul Newman won several national championships as a driver in Sports Car Club of America road racing.  He owned several winning teams in open-wheel IndyCar racing as well.  His teams have employed the services of Al Unser and Mario Andretti, and have won 8 national titles and 108 individual victories.  He had a 2nd place finish at the 1979 24 Hours of Le Mans, and a first place finish (at age 70) at the 1995 24 Hours of Daytona race. 

Paul Newman competed into his 80's winning a race at Lime Rock and was inducted into the Sports Car Club of America auto racing Hall of Fame, posthumously in 2009. Paul Newman once said, "The only thing I found grace in was racing a car."

His legendary acting career may only be surpassed by his philanthropic activity.  He created Newman's Own, a food company which donates all post-tax profits and royalties to charity.  Thus far, Newman's Own has donated nearly $500 million to charitable causes. 

Newman co-founded Safe Water Network which focuses on sustainable drinking water solutions, and he founded Serious Fun Children's Network which creates family fun summer camps for children with serious illness.  It has served nearly 300,000 children since inception. Newman was named the Most Generous Celebrity of 2008 by
Photo from

The "Paul Newman" Daytona, reference 6263 was a gift from his wife Joanne Woodward during the filming of the movie "Winning" and was worn every day by the Actor between 1969 and 1984.  It was engraved with "Drive Carefully Me," and remained his loyal companion  until he gifted the priceless timepiece to James Cox, a boyfriend of his first daughter Elinor Newman.  James was visiting with Nell and the Newmans at the family house in Westport Connecticut, known as the "Nook House." 
Engraved with "Drive Carefully Me" Photo from

James was working to restore the tree house on the property as a favor to his famous hosts - the tree house was a favorite aspect of the property by Paul and Joanne.  One day while checking up on James' progress, Paul Newman, having forgotten to wind his wristwatch that morning, asked James if he knew the time.  James responded that he didn't and that he didn't own a watch.  Paul handed James his Rolex and said, "If you can remember to wind this each day, it tells pretty good time."  This was clearly an understatement, as Newman won several bets over the years betting his Rolex told better time than other competitors.

Interestingly, the Exotic Dials of the Paul Newman Rolex Daytona was not popular when they came out.  Rolex, therefore, didn't manufacture many of these.  However the value of these dial designs have steadily risen over the years.  The Reference 6239 is powered by the Rolex caliber Valjoux 722 and has a steel bezel with screw down crown, 2 pump pushers and a non-Oyster case.  It has 17 jewels, and 3 dials and a tachymetric scale allowing race car drivers to measure average speeds up to 200 miles per hour.  It has a black dial and a 36 mm case. It has a small seconds hand, a 30 minute counter at the right (3 o'clock), a 12 hour counter in the middle (6 o'clock). and a 60 second timer at the left (9 o'clock).  This differs greatly from modern Daytona's which now can support up to 400 miles per hour average speed measurements. 

The auction for the Paul Newman Rolex Daytona took place at Phillips Auction House in New York.  Bidding started at 1 million, but that quickly went to $10 million, surpassing the $5 million Rolex Bao Dai price fetched only 6 months before.   The price rose steadily from there finally fetching a record breaking $17.8 million.  Proceeds went to benefit the Nell Newman Foundation and the Newman's Own Foundation.

5 Legendary Rolex Watches

Rolex Stelline Ref 6062  Photo from

The Rolex Stelline Ref 6062 represents one of the finest achievements of the Rolex production history. It is one of the only models (along with the 8171) that combines a full calendar with the phases of the moon. 

The yellow gold 36 mm Oyster case and the triple calendar with star-set numerals is spectacular--rich with complexity and yet fine simplicity. It takes its “Stelline” nickname from the Italian word for starlet – paying homage to the stars in the dial. The Reference 6062 was manufactured for 3 years in the 1950’s and was available in stainless steel, yellow gold and pink gold. Pink gold is the rarest model of the three. 

This is one of my favorite Rolex watches for it its simple beauty and luxury. It sold recently for approx. $665,000.

Rolex Reference 4062  Photo from Christies

The Rolex Reference 4062 is a rare stainless steel and pink gold chronograph with pink dial, tear-drop lugs and originally came with a rice-grain bracelet. This Rolex comes with 18K gold and a coin-edge band. It was manufactured in between 1942 and 1963 and came in yellow gold, yellow gold, stainless steel and a mix of stainless steel and gold. It was created with a 36 mm diameter. 

It is valued at over $100,000 at auction. 

It is a complex piece with 17 jewels, silvered dial, applied baton and dagger numerals, outer blue telemetre and black tachymetre scales.

It has a coin-edge band, downturned lugs, two chronograph buttons and an 18k gold Rolex buckle. It has two dials for seconds and a 30 minutes register. This is a spectacular timepiece that has a beauty to be worn anytime, anywhere – at work or at play. 
The Reference 8171: Photo From
The Reference 8171 is known as the "Padellone" (Italian for large frying pan). This rare stainless steel wristwatch has a triple calendar with moonphases. This watch is highly sought after and recently sold at auction for over $1 million. This is only one of two Rolex models that indicate the day of the week, the month and the phases of the moon.

The Oyster case has a large 38mm diameter. This model was available in yellow gold, pink gold and stainless steel, and was manufactured in the early 1950’s. It has an exquisite expandable Gay Frères Oyster-style bracelet. The 8171 has a silver dial and silver-colored hour markers, with an Arabic numeral 12. It is surrounded by the date ring with blue colored numbers ranging from 1 to 31, all in the typical Rolex font. The needle-shaped date hand has a matching blue arrow shaped tip and silver arrow body. The hour and minute hand are silver in the classic French leaf design.
Reference 6263 Oyster Cosmograph UAE Desert Eagle   Photo from NikolaosPaliousis

The Reference 6263 Oyster Cosmograph UAE Desert Eagle is a rare stainless steel chronograph wristwatch with the UAE Coat of Arms on the dial. It was originally made for Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and has an approx. value of $220,000. Sheikh Mohammed was born on July 15 1949 and is the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and ruler of the Emirate of Dubai.[3]

He ascended to the throne in 2006 and is directly responsible for growing Dubai into a global city. He has high hopes, with a vision to make UAE one of the greatest countries in the world. He has a diverse set of holdings including Emirates Airline, DP world and the Jumeirah Group. He is also personally overseen the development of many Dubai projects including the Palm Islands, Buri Al Arab hotel and the construction of Buri Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

Sheik Muhammed is a well-recognized poet and equestrian. He has exceptional taste and this has extended to his taste in Rolex timepieces. The Rolex Daytona 6263 is a stunning achievement, primarily produced between 1971 and 1987. This Daytona is missing the Daytona Red symbol on the dial. It has a 37 mm diameter and is 13 mm thick.

Subsidiary Dials - Three engine-turned subsidiary dials display constant seconds, 30 minutes, and 12 hour registers on the bottom half of the dial. The 6263 has a water resistant case with a screw back, screw down crown, and two round screw down chronograph buttons, or “pushers,” in the band. It has a caliber 727 mechanical movement, 17 jewels. It is available in stainless steel and gold. It has a crystal crown with a Sigma dial. This is a watch that you can wear daily, but has the features a high end collector would want.

Rolex Jean-Claude Killy Reference 6036.  Photo from
The Reference 6036 is nicknamed the “Jean-Claude Killy,” named after the two-time skiing World Cup “Triple Crown” alpine skiing winner in 1968 at Grenoble, France. He was only 25 when he won gold in the slalom, giant slalom, and downhill events. Killy became an actor and famously married French actress and pin-up model Danielle Gaubert. Killy became a poster boy for Rolex for many years. His namesake timepiece was manufactured from 1940 to 1960.

The Reference 6036 Killy Rolex is a manually wound, triple-date calendar Dato-Compax chronograph with sunken gold markers. At a mere 36 millimeters, it will fit nicely on a smaller wrist. It is manufactured in Pink Gold and in Steel. A 6036 recently sold for over $350k.

The Bao Dai Rolex 6062 Becomes the 2nd Most Expensive Rolex Ever Sold at Auction for $5,060,427

Source: Hodinkee

Fifteen years ago, the Bao Dai Rolex Watch sold at auction on November of 2002 for $235,000, at the time making it the most expensive Rolex watch sold at auction. 

The new price of $5,060,427 fetched on May 14, 2017 (both sold at Phillips de Pury & Luxembourg) is a 21.5 times increase, or a 140 percent return on your investment annually for 15 years.  Not too shabby. In May this made the Bao Dai the most expensive Rolex sold in the world.  However, only a few months later, in October, the Paul Newman Daytona Rolex would soundly beat the Bao Dai and fetch a price of 17.8 million at auction at more than 3 times the price - making it the most expensive watch sold in the world.  See my post on the Paul Newman.  

However, the Bao Dai held the title as the most expensive Rolex for 5 long months, setting the stage for incredible prices to be fetched in the future for Rolex Watches owned by famous personalities.
So, what makes the Bao Dai so special?
Besides being one of the most luxurious and rare Rolex timepieces in history (one of only three 6062s ever made), the Bao Dai Rolex has a unique history, tied to the man who first purchased the watch. 
It was the Spring of 1954 in Geneva Switzerland.  The Vietnamese Emperor, Nguyễn Phúc Vĩnh Thụy, was negotiating the terms of the end of his reign and the future of the realm of Vietnam.  The Indochina War was coming to an end, as was the Nguyễn Dynasty. 
Source: Wikipedia
Nguyễn was the 13th and soon to be last emperor of the combined state of Vietnam.  He had ascended the Emperor’s throne in 1925 at the age of 12 and was given the title of Bao Dai – a title that translates as “Protector of Grandeur” or “Keeper of Greatness”.

Nguyễn was educated in France, and spent most of his life in France after his exile.  Bao Dai served as head of state under both French and American occupation.  He fought to keep Vietnam unified and was known as a reformer, both of institutions such as legal and education, but also of outdated traditions.
Bao Dai’s taste was impeccable.  He owned a rare Ferrari 375 MM Spyder, a private yacht, and a superb French villa.

He entered the famed Rolex retailer Chronomètrie Philippe Beguin and requested the most precious Rolex ever made.
Bao Dai turned down many rare timepieces before Rolex came to the rescue, finally displaying the Rolex reference 6062 in yellow gold with a black dial and diamond indexes.  This fine timepiece took on his name Bao Dai and will always be associated with the Last Emperor of Vietnam.

The Rolex 6062 is made of yellow gold and is one of only three models featuring black dials set with diamond markers.  It has other unique features, adding to its rarity.  It has five diamond numerals for even numbers and a different dial layout. 
Because of the diamond numeral at 12 o'clock, the Rolex crown was moved down, consequently forcing the "Rolex Oyster Perpetual"  to be placed below the day and month apertures. The "Officially Certified Chronometer" wording was moved from the center of the dial and placed below the moonphase dial.

The Bao Dai Rolex’s value is highly desirable due to its historical importance and ties to regal fame, but also to its iconic Rolex features including the Oyster case, a Rolex "perpetual" in-house movement and of course the rare full calendar complication featuring a moonphase display. 
This Rolex watch is also in fantastic shape, with no noticible wear marks or imperfections.  The yellow gold Rolex Jubilee bracelet adds to the effect of the watch, while not overly large, it is comfortable to wear. 

Truly a Rolex fit for a king.

Stainless Steel Rolex Yacht-Master 40 Reference 116622

Rolex Yacht-Master 40 Reference 116622 (photo: Rolex)
Rolex’s Yacht-Master 40 model combines form and function to offer a stylish configuration that is equally at home on land and sea. With a 950 Platinum bezel and 904l stainless steel case and bracelet, it also combines luxury with utility. The watchmaker has featured this wristwatch model on their official social media accounts recently, with beautiful photos like the one above that show the Yacht-Master in its natural habitat.

The 116622 reference comes with the option of a dark rhodium dial or a blue dial. The rhodium version comes with the model name and seconds hand in light blue, adding to its cool, nautical aesthetic. Its bidirectional, rotatable bezel features a graduated scale to time dives up to 60 minutes. It's functions are powered by a 3135 self-winding mechanical movement. This is the same movement that powers the popular Submariner Date model.

This Yacht-Master model offers a depth rating of 100 meters and a power reserve of 48 hours. Its Oysterlock safety clasp is equipped with an Easylink comfort extension that increases the length of the bracelet by an additional 5mm. This marine watch boasts a precision of -2/+2 seconds per day after casing and is certified as a Superlative Chronometer.

While there are similarities between this configuration and the Submariner Date, the Yacht-Master caters to a more sophisticated watch collector. The color combinations of this stainless steel version evoke an ocean feel. The addition of a platinum bezel lifts it to a higher echelon than a traditional stainless steel dive watch. The suggested retail price for the Yacht-Master 40 (Reference #116622) is $11,550. For more information on this and other Rolex models, visit their official website at


Rolex Milgauss Worn by Tim Henman

Rolex Milgauss Worn by Tim Henman
The Rolex Milgauss is the perfect choice for someone that wants a no-frills model. It suits the lifestyle of the physicist and hiker alike. This model was designed to remain undisturbed by intense magnetic fields. Nevertheless, it is the strength of this watch - a product of its tactile purpose - that has made it a favorite amongst collectors.

The Milgauss was the first watch to enclose the movement with a soft-iron container. This made it instantly sturdier than almost all of the watches available on the market at the time. The watch appears sporty while also maintaining the sheer elegance of the Rolex brand. With a seconds hand shaped like a thunderbolt, the Milgauss flips the script on the classical aesthetic of other models.

The watch is powered by a Calibre 3131 self-winding mechanical movement manufactured in-house by Rolex. Its state-of-the-art technology is yet another reminder of the brand’s commitment to producing the best professional watched in the world. Aesthetically, the watch stands out with its black dial and orange hour markers surrounded by a subtle hint of lime green. The lime ring allows for eye-catching beauty while also making the watch more legible to its owner for quick time checks. Its Oyster bracelet an case make this outlier model configuration instantly recognizable.

In one of the latest installments of the “Every Rolex Tells a Story” series, Tim Henman introduces the world to his Milgauss. He chose it for its overall wearability and precision but also because the colors are combined in such a way to make telling the time even easier. For Tim, purchasing the watch was the culmination of a life-long dream of making a career out of tennis, Rolex has been a companion of that journey both on and off the court. Visit to learn more about the Milgauss and Tim Henman's Rolex story.


Every Rolex Tells a Story: Tim Henman

Every Rolex Tells a Story Tim Henman (photo: Rolex)
Tim Henman has lived and breathed the sport of tennis his entire life. His grandfather, grandmother, and great-grandmother all played at Wimbledon. His great-grandmother was the first female player to serve an overarm and his grandmother was the last female player to serve an underarm at Wimbledon. And he has made it to Wimbledon four times and has a four titles under his belt.

His first visit to Centre Court at All England Lawn was in 1981 when he was just six years old. It was here that two things came together: a commitment to pursue tennis as a career and a youthful reverence for Rolex and its role in the sport he would dedicate his life to.

In 1996 Henman was ranked No. 1 in British tennis and he held the title again from the years 1999-2005 when he was replaced by Andy Murray. Murray injured his hip at Wimbledon this past month and lost in the quarter finals to American Sam Querrey.

Henman’s fascination with Rolex was born the same day as his passion for tennis. He connects the watch and brand to the sport that shaped his life. His Milgauss purchase came 32 years after 1981. This model was originally designed for scientists, but the stainless steel configuration is equally equipped for the tennis court. For more information on Tim Henman's Milgauss and his Every Rolex Tells a Story, visit


Yellow Gold Rolex Day-Date 36 Worn by Björn Borg

Rolex Day-Date 36 worn by Tennis Legend Björn Borg (photo: Rolex)
Rolex is the maker of many iconic watches, but none with the legacy of the Day-Date. It is a model steeped in history, having been worn by many successful men, including US Presidents and legendary athletes like Björn Borg. The Ice Man was featured in Rolex’s latest installment of Every Rolex Tells a Story. His model of choice is the 36mm Day-Date in yellow gold with green dial on black leather shown in the photo.

This is the most traditional size for the model, much smaller than today’s popular 40mm model. The original Day-Date introduced the President bracelet in 1956. However, the leather strap configuration is more tied to wristwatch models of that era. The combination of green and yellow gold is a nod to the watchmaker’s corporate colors. An aperture at 12 o’clock displays the day of the week spelled out completely, a design element that also originated on this iconic model.

2017 Yellow Gold Rolex Day-Date 36 (Reference #118138)
The 2017 Rolex Day-Date 36 (Reference #118138) is available in yellow gold with a green dial and either the cognac leather strap shown above or a green leather strap.
2017 Everose Gold Rolex Day-Date 36 (Reference #118135) 
It is also available in Everose gold with a black leather strap in a variety of dial color options, like the chocolate brown Day-Date 36 configuration (Reference #118135) shown above. Visit to browse their entire collection of 2017 Day-Date configurations

Rolex Testimonee Roger Federer Wins his Eighth Wimbledon Title

Rolex Testimonee Roger Federer Wins 8th Wimbledon Title (photo: Sporting News)
After taking a six month long break from tennis, Roger Federer stepped back into the game with a mastery befitting a champion. In the last few months - much to the amazement of the tennis world - he has won two majors. This past Sunday, he seized his eighth Wimbledon title. As he approached the cameras for his post-victory interview, his Rolex Datejust 41 accompanied him as he kissed his trophy.

Rolex has woven the legacy of its brand into the successes of athletes like Roger Federer for a century with its testimonee concept. Federer is no stranger to luxury items, considering he has won over $97,000,000 in prizes over the span of his career. However, it is his relationship with Rolex that is rather noteworthy because it further reinforces the deep-seated commitment Rolex has with associating itself with excellence.

Like so many other testimonees, Federer’s watches mean significantly more for him for their symbolism than as time-telling devices or display of financial achievement. For him, they are part of his most cherished memories. In 2009, he beat Peter Sampras’ all time Grand Slam record at Wimbledon. The iconic shot of him holding up the trophy also includes a clear shot of his prized Rolex. When asked about his watch collection, Federer says “When I look at the watch, I remember that day very vividly.”

Rolex has done an excellent job of tying their timepieces to grand achievements. For more information on Rolex, The Championships at Wimbledon and the Datejust 41, visit

2017 Rolex Pearlmaster 39 Reference 86409RBR

2017 Rolex Pearlmaster 39 Reference 86409RBR
Originally, watchmakers began using jewels in watches to help decrease metal-on-metal wear and subsequently lengthen the lifespan of the device. Diamonds are harder than metal and Rolex has designed a diamond watch to last the millennia.

The Pearlmaster 39, available in 18ct yellow, white, or Everose gold is a work of art. The diamond paved dial is an impressive accomplishment. The Rolex gem-setters carve a setting for each of the gemstones which are then lodged perfectly and aligned with symphonic symmetry. The dial itself is a triumph, guaranteeing a spectacle for all who glance at its face.

The Reference 86409RBR's bracelet boasts the rounded-five piece link structure introduced with the first Pearlmaster twenty-five years ago. In keeping with that traditional design, the Crownclasp is hidden from view. All that is visible on the bracelet, the dial and the bezel are the brilliant diamonds that almost entirely cover the timepiece.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the new Pearlmaster 39 is its technology. Rolex takes this part of the job more seriously than its competitors, having developed strict exacting criteria for assessing precision. The watchmaker tests its watches even after they have been tested by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute. This Pearlmaster comes equipped with a new generation movement, Calibre 3235. Made with nickel-phosphorus, the watch is immune to magnetic interference.

This watch combines elements of jewel art with the reliability of advanced technology, leaving no doubt that Rolex is pioneering the future of the time-telling industry. For more information on the Pearlmaster 39 (Reference #86409RBR) visit

2017 Stainless Steel and Yellow Gold Rolex Datejust 41

2017 Stainless Steel and Yellow Gold Rolex Datejust 41 (photo: Rolex)
The latest Rolex model to be featured on the watchmaker's official website is the Yellow Rolesor Datejust 41 (Reference # 126303) shown above. It is featured along with their sponsorship of The Championships, Wimbledon 2017. This classic dress watch model is sized to please modern tastes at 41 millimeters. A smooth gold bezel replaces the the model's customary fluted bezel in this updated reference. 

Inside its stainless steel and gold Oyster case lies the Manufacture Rolex Calibre 3235 self-winding mechanical movement that powers its date and time functions. With a power reserve of 70 hours, it beats at a precision of -2/+2 seconds per day. This model offers a depth rating of 100 meters. Its mobobloc middle case attaches its screw-down case back with its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The watchmaker’s iconic Cyclops magnifying lens is affixed to the crystal over the date aperture at 3 o’clock. 

A slate dial gives this elegant wristwatch a modern touch, with the Roman numeral hour markers in a sophisticated combination of black and green. A white baton-style hour marker is placed at 9 o’clock to offset the white color visible through the date aperture. This design touch is a testament to the watchmaker’s dedication to perfection when it comes to dial symmetry. 

Rolex’s flat, three-piece Oyster bracelet is featured on this configuration in yellow gold and stainless steel. Its folding Oysterclasp clasp comes with a 5mm Easylink comfort extension. The price of this Datejust 41 (Reference #126303) is $11,950 USD. For more information on this and other 2017 Rolex models, visit the Rolex Models section. 

Rolex is the Official Timekeeper of The Championships, Wimbledon 2017

Rolex is the Official Timekeeper of Wimbledon 2017 (photo: Rolex Instagram)
In 1978 The Championships, Wimbledon partnered with Rolex to put together the 92nd tournament of its kind. Since then, Rolex has remained a sponsor and official timekeeper of the Championships. The time-tested partners share a commitment to excellence and passion for the sport.

Today, the tennis world descends in full force on All England Club in Wimbledon, London for the 140th Championship. Rafael Nadal returns after having missed last year’s tournament due to a wrist injury. Nadal has remained fairly out of sight but played plenty of tennis over the last few months only taking last week off in order to rest up.

However, Wimbledon is played on grass and Nadal hasn’t played on grass since the last time he was there. Angelique Kerber is brushing off the pressure, “I have already been number one for so long and I will try to keep it, but I am here to play round by round and focus on my matches, not the numbers.”

This year Rolex has decided to feature the Datejust 41 (Reference # 126303) in association with the 2017 tournament. The green-colored roman numerals and gold crown at 12 o'clock give the dial a quintessentially Rolex look. The smooth bezel and 41mm case size offer something to fans of contemporary sports watches.

Powered by the new generation Calibre 3235 self-winding mechanical movement, the Datejust combines new technology with the iconic model that Rolex is most closely associated with. Its classical aesthetic is the perfect match for an event this institutional.

For more information on Wimbledon 2017, visit the tournament's official website. To check out the Datejust 41, visit


Rolex Testimonee Brooks Koepka WIns US Open

Rolex Testimonee Brooks Kopeka
When Rolex first named someone as a testimonee, they chose swimmer Mercedes Gleitz, who had just swam across the English channel with a gold Oyster watch hanging from her neck. The year was 1927 and this was a first for the watchmaking world. 

Rolex continues to advance their technology and support athletes in their ceaseless pursuit of timely success. Ninety years later, the testimonee tradition lives on. Sponsoring the U.S. Open has cemented Rolex's relationship with golf and on Monday June 19, 2017, Brooks Koepka joined a prestigious group of Rolex Testimonees who have also won a U.S. Open Championship.

The golfer climbed the ranks of the golf world primarily by competing in Europe in rather unconventional minor leagues. The 2017 U.S. Open officially introduced Brooks Koepka as an unexpected yet formidable contender. Koepka has proven himself to be a standard bearer when it comes to driving distance, greens, and regulation. In the longest U.S. Open in history, he kept it together with a gritty and steady performance.

As Hodinkee pointed out, Koepka was wearing his Rolex Daytona 116500LN when he earned his victory and appears to have kept it on for the subsequent celebrations. Rolex congratulated the champion on their Facebook page with a video. Nobody thought Brooks Koepka would win, but he has proven the naysayers wrong. For more information on Rolex and Golf, visit the watchmaker's official website at

Every Rolex Tells a Story: Yundi

every rolex tells a story yundi
Every Rolex Tells a Story: Yundi
Keeping time is an essential skill for internationally acclaimed Chinese pianist Li Yundi. He cites “precision and the pursuit of perfection” as the ideals he strives for musically. These are also the ideals he strives for when choosing a watch. 

Yundi became the first Chinese person - and the first person in fifteen years - to be given the gold medal in the International Frederic Chopin Piano Competition in 2002. After that, he decided it was time for a well earned gift, so he made his first Rolex purchase.

The watch he chose was the sporty, black dial stainless steel Rolex Daytona 116500LN - an interesting choice considering that he is a classical pianist. However, the watchmaker intended for this watch to measure speed as well as time, so Yundi surely puts it to use when his fingers match the speed Mozart intended for his eleventh sonata.

The Daytona went on to accompany Yundi as he traveled the world, appearing in front of cheering crowds of piano-lovers. Some would argue that wearing a watch while playing the piano is too distracting, but it’s also important to note that Yundi sees this watch not as an accessory but as a witness. For many Rolex owners, their watches represent significant accomplishment and remind them of what they are capable of.

When it came time to give his father a birthday present, Yundi gave him a Rolex watch of his own and now they share in that success together. To learn more about Yundi’s contribution to the ongoing “Every Rolex Tells a Story” series, visit the watchmaker’s official website at

Rolex Datejust 41 Stainless Steel Black Dial Reference 126300

rolex reference 126300
Rolex Datejust 41 (Reference #126300) (photo: Rolex)
The Rolex Datejust 41 in stainless steel with a black dial (Reference #126300) is a modestly-priced dress watch with a combination of classic and contemporary design elements. The Datejust is the quintessential Rolex dress watch that dates back to 1945. However, this stainless steel configuration features a smooth bezel and black dial that makes it resemble a contemporary sports watch, like the popular stainless steel Submariner Date.

With a case that measures 41 millimeters in diameter, this Datejust also appeals to current watch collector’s desire for larger watch faces. It makes a great first Rolex for someone that isn’t sold on a tool watch but still wants something current. The smooth center links on its Oyster bracelet match the bezel and add an elegant touch. A folding Oysterclasp with a 5mm Easylink comfort extension secures the bracelet. The date aperture at 3 o’clock is magnified by Rolex’s Cyclops lens, one of the watchmaker’s most iconic design elements.

Priced at $7,350 USD, it is just over a thousand dollars less than the Submariner Date and  $800 USD more than the Explorer I. It is powered by a Calibre 3235 self-winding mechanical movement manufactured by Rolex in-house. This model offer a water resistance of 100 meters and a power reserve of approximately 70 hours.

The Datejust 41 (Reference #126300) carries the legacy of the historic Rolex model with characteristics of the most popular tool watches of today. It can be worn in almost any environment without calling too much attention to the wrist, making it the perfect watch for those who think yellow gold watches are gaudy. For more information on this model, visit

Watch Gang Membership Service Giving Away a Rolex Every Week

Watch Gang Membership Service (photo: Watch Gang)
Watch Gang is a membership service based in Los Angeles, California, that sends its subscribers a new watch once a month. A relatively new venture, beginning in September of 2016, the company has created a network of watch collectors that includes celebrities like Jamie Foxx and a Facebook group that has reached over 10,000 members.

The service offers three tiers of membership, varying in price and wristwatch value. Starting at $25 per month, you can become a Watch Gang Watch of the Month Member and receive a microbrand wristwatch with a Japanese movement in stainless steel and leather valued between $50 and $150. Starting at $91 per month, you can become a Watch Gang Black member and receive a premium microbrand watch with a mechanical or Swiss quartz movement valued between $150 and $500. The highest tier of membership is the Platinum level, starting at $275 per month for watches from well known brands and microbrands worth between $500 and $1500.

In a weekly giveaway sponsored by Beckertime, the company gives away a Rolex to a randomly selected member every Friday. This is advantageous for those who aren’t at an income level that justifies a Rolex purchase yet, but it also removes one of the most important aspects of collecting watches: the curation of your own collection. There is a network for members to trade watches with, but the idea of creating a watch collection based on random selection goes against the grain of what it means to be a watch geek.

Visit to learn more about their service. The company has just announced that it will partner with a new watch brand every month. While their service may not satisfy a hardcore watch geek, it is a good way to make a minimal investment in watches and have a new wristwatch every month to show for it. If you’re lucky, it could even be a Rolex.

White Gold Rolex Submariner Prototype Becomes World's Most Expensive Sub

White Gold Rolex Submariner Prototype (photo" Christie's)
The Rolex Afternoon portion of Christie’s latest watch auction took place in Geneva, Switzerland just hours ago and produced sales records for their collection of vintage Rolex timepieces. One of their record breaking watches was the White Gold Rolex Submariner Prototype from the 1970s. This unique dive watch stood out for its bezel, material and condition.

The rarity of this prototype certainly played a role in helping it earn the auction house over 631,500 Swiss francs, the second highest Rolex sale this afternoon behind the Green Khanjar Daytona Reference 6263 that brought in 727,500 Swiss francs. The biggest wristwatch sale of the auction was a Patek Philippe Haile Selassie Reference 2497, which went for 2,911,500 Swiss francs, more than triple its estimated value.

Hodinkee covered the auction results in their latest blog post, commenting on the strange circumstance of this and other rare Rolex models bringing in record amounts this weekend. This Prototype model certainly deviates from what watch enthusiasts would consider the most classic staples of the Submariner model. But it seems that collectors are beginning to favor these deviations over adherence to brand standards.

There are many examples of unique vintage Rolex watches that look nothing like contemporary Rolex model configurations. In a previous post, I presented five of the rarest Rolex models in the world, none of which look like their popular counterparts. Many of them, like the White Gold Prototype, never even went into production. However, the results of recent vintage watch auctions like Christie’s A Rolex Afternoon prove that scarcity and singularity are the ultimate luxury.

White Gold Rolex Submariner Prototype Reference 1680

Rolex’s Submariner model has remained relatively unchanged over the years since its introduction, making prototype models like the Reference 1680 stand out amongst other vintage Subs. The White Gold Prototype below is one of three manufactured by the watchmaker in the early 1970s. It is up for auction this Monday, May 15th at Christie’s Rare Watches and a Rolex Afternoon in Geneva, just one day after the Phillip’s auction taking place over the weekend.
White Gold Submariner Prototype From the Early 1970s (photo: Christie's)
This reference was the first Submariner to be produced in a precious metal and the first to feature a date function. However, it was only offered in yellow gold and stainless steel, making this prototype even more rare. This lot features a blue dial that is known as a ‘nipple dial’ because of the shape of the hour markers. Its graduated bezel is unique in that it is only serrated in two places, with the rest of the bezel smooth.
White Gold Rolex Submariner Prototype Reference 1680 (photo: Christie's)
The white gold Oyster case of this Submariner measures 40mm in diameter and houses an automatic 1570 movement with 26 jewels. It is fitted with an 18k white gold President bracelet, adding to the sophistication of this vintage timepiece. An interesting element of this particular watch is that it has no serial number as it was not manufactured for sale. Its uniqueness comes at a price, with the estimate for this lot set between $250,000 to $500,000 US.

Visit to check out all of the vintage watches that will be available during the Rolex Afternoon portion of their Geneva auction. Check out the Rolex Models section for info on other vintage Rolex watches.

Rolex Reference 6241 John Player Special Paul Newman Daytona

Phillip's Geneva Watch Auction: Five will take place this weekend in Switzerland, allowing vintage watch collectors the chance to bid on rare luxury timepieces, like the Rolex Reference 6241. An ultra-rare Cosmograph Daytona, this 14K yellow gold Paul Newman was retailed by Tiffany & Co. in the US and bares the name of the retailer on the dial, below the word Cosmograph. The legacy of this timepiece also includes that of cigarette manufacturer and Formula One sponsor John Player & Sons.
Rolex Reference 6241 John Player Special Paul Newman Daytona
In 1972, John Player & Sons sponsored the Lotus Formula One team and the company’s colors, black and gold, were featured on the automobile along with the its logo. The race car became iconic and its name has become tied to the Reference 6241, which was produced years earlier in the late 1960s.

Less than 300 of this reference were released, most cased in 18k yellow gold. The 14k gold version is even more rare, adding to the value of the current lot. It is estimated to go for anywhere between $396,000 to $793,000 US at auction due to the remarkable condition it is in. The black dial features design elements that are unique to Paul Newman Daytonas from the era. The subtle yet prominent addition of the Tiffany & Co. to this already storied watch only adds to its prestige.

Rolex Reference 6241 John Player Special Paul Newman Daytona Side View
The case of this John Player Special Paul Newman measures 37.5mm in diameter and houses a manual Calibre 722-1 movement with 17 jewels. It is equipped with a black leather strap that features a 14k yellow gold Rolex buckle. For more information on this and every other Rolex being auctioned by Phillips in Geneva this weekend, visit


The Ultimate Swiss Made Rubber Strap for Rolex

There are many ways to change up your Rolex watch configuration. Swapping out the Oyster bracelet for a nylon NATO strap or leather watchband has been a common practice since the days that Roger Moore played James Bond. Most recently, though, innovations in luxury watchmaking have brought a new material into the fold. Vulcanized rubber straps offer comfort and versatility that is unmatched compared to watchbands made from other materials. Rolex has gotten in on the action, now offering Yacht-Master and Daytona models on their Oysterflex elastomer bracelet

Rubber B Couture Series Strap for Rolex Daytona (photo:
Vulcanization is the process of converting pure rubber into a more durable material with the addition of sulfides to form bridges between individual polymer chains. This allows manufacturers to manipulate the material for different uses, in this case to create watchbands. One of the benefits of this durable material is its resistance to tears, fading and deformation. The process is monitored by the FDA so that all products using vulcanized rubber are nontoxic and hypoallergenic.

In 2010, Rubber B became the first company to manufacture vulcanized rubber straps designed for Rolex watch models. The American company is still the leader of this industry and the only one that manufactures 100% of its straps in Switzerland. Dealers across Asia, America, Africa and Europe carry their straps, which are also available for purchase directly through their e-boutique. Another thing that sets them apart from other rubber strap manufacturers is the amount of wristwatch models they offer micro-calibrated straps for, with a variety of styles and closure options available for each individual model.

The process of micro-calibration ensures that each strap fits the watch it is designed for precisely, without any gaps or motion between the strap and the watch case. The strap fills the width between the lugs and also the height of the case, achieving full integration with a rubber strap configuration. In terms of closures, Rubber B offers three options for most Rolex models. The straps from their Classic Series incorporate the Rolex deployant clasp, their tang buckle straps come with a 316l stainless steel buckle and the straps from their latest series feature a Velcro closure.

Rubber B Strap for Rolex Deepsea with Deployant Clasp (photo:
The Rolex Deepsea above is fitted with their Classic Series strap in black. One of the advantages of this closure option is that you can still use the Glidelock Extension System that comes on the Deepsea's Oysterlock clasp. It comes in various sizes based on the amount of links on your Oyster bracelet. This option is ideal for anyone that uses the extension for diving and is looking for a perfect fit. The incorporation of the deployant clasp also adds an element of comfort and customization to this strap.

Rubber B Tang Buckle Strap for Rolex Deepsea (photo:
The photo above shows the Deepsea fitted with a VulChromatic strap from the Tang Buckle Series. The VulChromatic collection features a colored stripe down the black strap that is precision-molded onto the host rubber without glues or bonding. The blue design element picks up the color of the gradient dial on the D-Blue Deepsea configuration. They also offer one with a lime green stripe that picks up the green lettering of the model name on the D-Blue. This series of straps comes in a universal fit for wrist sizes ranging from 5.5 - 8.25 inches. They also come in several solid colors, like Arctic White, Pacific Blue, Red Devil and Mandarin Orange.

Rubber B Velcro Strap for Rolex Submariner (photo:
Their latest innovation is a Velcro closure option, shown above on the Submariner. They are hand-sewn with Gore-Tenara stitching, a material that offers resistance to UV rays and invasive elements of daily wear. A titanium insert lines the attachment loop to secure the closure. This option comes in various sizes, with a sizing guide to find the right size for your wrist on their website. These straps have the same luxury aesthetic as the other straps, but with the comfort and ease of a velcro closure. They are currently available for most of Rolex's professional models.

The video embedded above shows their strap for the Rolex Sky-Dweller. It incorporates the deployant clasp and features a combination of black and red that compliments the model's aesthetic. The design of Rubber B straps is another aspect that makes them industry leaders when it comes to high-end vulcanized rubber straps. Their collections are curated based on the design of each wristwatch model, with an attention to detail that is on par with that of the top luxury watchmakers in Europe.

Rubber B straps are the choice of celebrities like Eric Clapton and athletes that spend time wearing their wristwatches outdoors and underwater. Professional reviews of their straps can be found on prominent horology blogs, including Jake's Rolex World, A Blog to Watch and Minus 4 Plus 6. Customers often post about their experiences with their straps on Rolex Forums and the company's Facebook Page.

In addition to the models shown above, they offer straps for the stainless steel Daytona 116500LN and other popular Rolex watches, including midsize models like the 34mm Datejust. They have a line for Tudor watches that is coming soon, plus straps for Panerai and Patek Philippe that are available now. They also have a line of leather straps that are fused onto a rubber base and designed to fit any watch based on lug spacing. Visit to browse their entire collection.



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