The Bottom Line on Rolex Pricing

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Rolex Explorer I from Baselworld 2016 (Reference # 214270)
The pricing of Rolex watches varies from year to year and place to place, but there are some resources that can help you pinpoint the suggested retail price for the model configuration you are interested in. I have posted about Rolex pricing in the Shopping Guide section of this site, breaking down which models are available for around $5,000, $10,000, $25,000 and $50,000 US.

Pricing For New Rolex Models
If you do not have the watchmaker's latest catalog that includes the suggested retail prices for all models manufactured this year, you can find a list of 2016 Rolex prices across countries on I have compared the prices they list with the prices listed in the official catalog and have found that they add up based on exchange rates. They updated their list of prices as recently as November 2016 and will likely be the first ones to post prices for the new models after Baselworld 2017.

Pricing For Vintage or Pre-Owned Rolex Models
While the watchmaker's suggested retail price guide is available for configurations in the current model year, there is no set price for vintage and pre-owned models. Prices for these watches are dictated by the market, so if you would like to research pricing on a particular reference, I would recommend checking out current listings on forum classified sections or on websites like For high priced vintage pieces, I would recommend checking pricing from auction houses like Phillips and Christies. They publish their lots on their websites with pricing information most of the time.

Factors That Go Into Rolex Pricing
The best way to gauge pricing on any wristwatch model is to pay attention to three factors: material, model and market. As is logical, a precious metal configuration will run you more than stainless steel. The same thing goes for a rare or limited model. However, the market ultimately dictates the pricing for these and all other commodities. Exchange rates also come into play, with sales in countries like China and the United Kingdom benefitting from currency fluctuations in 2016.

While establishing a long term relationship with a Rolex Authorized Dealer is usually the best way to get discounted pricing on certain models, knowledge of the market and the model you are interested in will allow you to be sure that the pricing you receive is worthy of the configuration you are looking for.


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