Bruno Mars Wearing a Gold Rolex Day-Date on 60 Minutes

12:07 PM

Bruno Mars on 60 Minutes Wearing a Rolex (photo: CBS News)
Bruno Mars dominated the headlines proceeding the Grammys last night after performing a spectacular tribute to Prince, rated the number one performance of the night according to Billboard. He is no stranger to performing for a large audience, having performed at the Super Bowl Halftime Show twice in the past few years. 60 Minutes caught up with the singer before the Grammys for an interview and look back at where the Hawaiian artist grew up.

Born to a large family of musical performers in Honolulu, Hawaii, Mars grew up in a household of modest means. His ascent to stardom began with a record contract with Motown that fell through, leaving the performer to start over as a songwriter and producer. After writing and singing the hook for a few top singles, he signed a solo contract with Atlantic records and released Doo-Wops & Hooligans, the first of several hit albums for the artist.

Mars has a unique sense of style, as shown in the screenshot above from the 60 minutes interview. The recording artist paired a colorful button-down shirt with a yellow gold pinky ring and Rolex Day-Date. While many question whether a yellow gold watch looks too gaudy, Mars wears it well. It is also fitting that a performer of his caliber choose the President's watch. Some may think that yellow gold is a material set aside for Baby Boomers with classic taste, but this Millennial is proof that the Day-Date lives on as a symbol of success across many generations.

Check out his music video for the 24k Magic single, in which he wears the yellow gold Rolex along with a flamboyant Versace shirt, embedded below. To watch clips from his 60 Minutes interview, visit


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